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8 November 2023 - Dotdigital release notes - 2023.4.3
8 November 2023 - Dotdigital release notes - 2023.4.3

On 8 November 2023, we released a maintenance upgrade for Dotdigital. Here's what's changed:

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What's new✨


  • MMS is here! You can now join the Public preview to send MMS to your North American contacts. Learn more.


  • We've updated the appearance of WinstonAI throughout the app. It's now displayed in a draggable, floating panel that can remain open while you work. Learn more.

  • Introducing the WinstonAI rewrite assistant for email, surveys, pages, and forms — a tool to help overcome writer's block and generate engaging, diverse content. Learn more about WinstonAI for email or Surveys, pages, and forms.


  • Commerce blocks can now have a default catalog currency applied. Learn more.

  • The New in store product recommendation is now available. Learn more.

  • We’ve improved our inclusion and exclusion filter rules for the product recommendation builder. Learn more.


  • Add a Dotdigital survey or form to your WordPress site; embed in a page or configure a popover to capture all the subscriber data you need. Learn more.


  • We’ve added new personalisation features to the SMS campaign builder. Learn more.

  • You can now apply a maximum number of SMS segments per send. Learn more.


  • See which contacts were skipped in your SMS sends with the SMS skipped report. Learn more.


  • Switch between your Dotdigital and Fresh Relevance accounts directly in-app. Learn more.


  • We've added a More actions menu to the Dotdigital homepage. You can find it on each item in the Continue where you left off section. Learn more.

Magento 2 (v4.23.2/4.23.3)

Magento 2 SMS (v1.7.2)

PHP SDK for the Dotdigital API (v2.3.0/2.3.1)

Bug fixes 🐛

We've made more than 25 other bug fixes and improvements.

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