Add product recommendations to your campaign, page or form


Our product recommendation feature allows you to generate the following dynamic content for your emails, pages and forms:


To use product recommendations, you need to be synchronising the correct Insight data from your ecommerce store.

Learn more about Insight data and our Magento and Commerce Flow integrations »

Once these Insight data collections are present and have data, then you'll be able to use the product recommendations block.

Using product recommendations

After you have the correct Insight data, create a product recommendation in the product recommendation builder. Then, you'll see the 'Product recommendations' submenu in EasyEditor. Each block in this submenu is labelled according to the name that you chose in the recommendation builder.


Dragging a block into an email, page or form will give you a preview of the recommendation, with placeholders for images and text.


  • You can change text styling in a single slot of your block and it will be replicated across all product slots
  • You can't change text in the block preview; it's generated from your product catalogue
  • Clicking anywhere on a product recommendation block will show its settings, layout, and button controls in the left-hand side panel

Block settings

  • Choose the number of recommendations that you'd like in your block (1 to 4)

  • Type text into the 'Source' text field to apply analytics tagging to all product links in the block


  • Choose your content stacking - either horizontal (image and text side-by-side) or vertical (image top with text below)



  • The call-to-action button on a product can be styled, including its text, colour, alignment, padding, and width.

Special price

Product recommendation blocks can dynamically show their sale price. This requires that your ecommerce platform is syncing this data correctly as a field named "specialprice". The special price only shows if the value is greater than zero and is less than the normal product price. You can view the product catalog fields in the article Product Insight data (AccountInsight) schema.


To set up a special price block:

  1. In EasyEditor, select a recommendation block.
  2. Select the layout tab in the left-side menu.
  3. Click the Price options drop-down menu, and select the option you want to use.


The available price options:

Option Display
Price Show the price field only. Keep in mind that this option is disabled if it is not synced. 
Show special price with price If a product has a special price, this is shown below the original price. The original price is styled with a strike-through.
Show special price Show the special price, if available, otherwise, no price is shown.


Testing product recommendations

Once you've added a recommendation block to your email, page or form, you can use the normal preview feature to swap out your placeholder images and text with your real product recommendations.

When using the preview feature, there may be a delay of up to 15 seconds if we need to generate new recommendations.

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