More reports for campaigns: quick reference

All of the available campaign drill-down reports are listed in the table below, which provides a brief overview of the report and a link to an available supporting article (if you'd like to read more about it).

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Report name Overview
Emails sent Lists all of the contacts the campaign was sent to
Unique openers Lists all of the recipients who are tracked and registered as having opened the campaign
Non-openers Lists all of the recipients who haven't opened the campaign
Unique clickers Lists all of the recipients who've clicked at least one link in the campaign
Page views Lists all of the pages viewed on your website as a result of recipients clicking through from the campaign. (Data is only provided if site tracking is being used.) 
Replies Lists all of the replies to the campaign
Social network views Lists the recipients who've shared your campaign on a social networking site, plus the number of views received  
ROI Records purchasing data resulting from contacts clicking links in the campaign. (Data is only provided if ROI tracking is being used.)
Revenue Displays all converted orders that we consider were placed as a result of a campaign. (This report is only available when using Advanced revenue attribution.
Most engaged Lists all of the recipients who were most engaged with the campaign, based upon the criteria of minimum opens and clicks
Email client breakdown Provides a full breakdown of all the email clients, plus the versions of those email clients, that the campaign was delivered to
Email domain performance Lists all of the email domains the campaign was sent to, along with key performance statistics per domain
Map of openers Displays the geographic locations, in the form of a heatmap, from where recipients opened the campaign 
Links and clicks Lists all of the links in your campaign and their click statistics
Link hotspot Displays the campaign and overlays it with how many times each link was clicked (as well as providing each link's CTR (click-through rate))  
Unsubscribes Lists all of the recipients who've unsubscribed via the campaign
ISP complaints Lists all of the recipients who've registered an ISP complaint against your campaign (thus they've marked it as 'spam' or 'junk'), resulting in the contact being added to your suppression list
Soft bounces Lists all of the contacts who couldn't be delivered to due to a soft bounce
Hard bounces Lists all of the contacts who couldn't be delivered to due to a hard bounce
Emails skipped Lists all of the contacts who weren't sent a campaign (and thus were skipped) due to an external dynamic content request returning no content (an HTTP 204 status code) for the contact
Google Analytics Displays your Google Analytics data for the campaign. (Data is only displayed if you're tracking your campaign with Google Analytics and you've authorised the connection to Google Analytics in the app.)
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