Social network views report


This report shows the total number of views generated by your campaign when posted by contacts on social networking sites. 

This type of link can be inserted into your template using EasyEditor's social tools.

Using the Social network views report

It displays all the email recipients who've added your email to their social networking site and the number of times it's been viewed.

You can filter the report so that it only displays contacts who posted onto a particular social network. To do this, use the dropdown that's positioned in the column headers area.


Clicking on Display will enable you to change the view of this report.

To view the drill down detail on other reports, use More reports... (located next to the title of the report). This will provide a menu from which you can select the report type, as shown below.


You can also filter the results displayed here by using our filter report function. The Filter button is located at the top right of the report (across from the More reports... button).


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