Page views report

Learn how to use and understand the Page views report.


This report shows activity on your website as recipients click through from your campaign, providing the total page views generated. 

To use the Page views report, you must use our site tracking feature so that we can track this activity.

Using the Page views report

The Page views overview lists all of the pages on your website which were viewed as the result of a click-through from your campaign, along with how many times each page was viewed and how many of those views were unique visitors.

If you have more than one site that you're tracking, you can filter by site.

Note that any subsequently deleted contacts in the report will be denoted as 'Deleted contact' (apart from deleted suppressed contacts whose email addresses will need to be retained).


Clicking on Export here will allow you to export the page views overview data into a CSV file.

Clicking on a particular URL for a page will display the 'Page views' report, showing each recipient that viewed that page and how many times they viewed it.


Clicking on More details provides further detail about a particular recipient who visited, displaying a window showing each page they visited and the date and time of the viewing. 

This allows you to build a comprehensive picture of a particular recipient's interest area.


Select Display for either 'Page views overview' or 'Page views' to change the view of the reports.

To view the drill down detail on other reports, click on More reports... located next to the title of the report. This will provide a menu from which you can select the report type as shown below. 


You can also filter the results displayed here by using our filter report function. The Filter button is located at the top right of the reports (across from 'More reports...').


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