Emails sent report

Learn how to find, use, and understand the Emails sent report.


The Emails sent report shows a list of all the contacts that an email campaign was sent to, when it was sent, and the type of email campaign it was. You can also add and filter by other contact data fields. 

Finding the report

To find the Emails sent report:

  1. Go to Analytics > Channel analytics > Reports: Email.
  2. Select a campaign name.
  3. Go to the More reports drop-down menu and select Emails sent.

Using the report

You can use the Emails sent report to organise it by specific criteria:

  • Exclude any contacts by three suppression types: Hard bounces, Soft bounces, and Unsubscribes. Select the box next to the suppression type to apply the filter.

    To learn more about bounce types, check out Understanding bounces and suppressions

  • Sort the report and choose which columns show - select Display to open the Table display settings panel.

    To filter by other contact data fields, select the boxes next to the contact data fields.

  • Filter the report by address book, segment, split test variation, or dynamic content variation.

    To learn more about filtering a report, check out Filter contacts in campaign reports.

  • Export the report.

    To learn more about exporting a report, check out Export data from campaign reports.

  • Create an address book from the listed contacts.

    To learn more about creating an address book from the contacts in your Emails sent report, check out Export data from campaign reports.

Understanding the report

The Emails sent report is organised by default contact data field columns:

  • Email
    The email address of the contact that the email campaign was sent to. Select the email address to drill down into the contact’s details. 

    To learn more about drilling down into a contact, check out View, edit, and export a contact.

  • Date sent
    The date that the email campaign was sent to the contact.
  • Firstname
    The first name of the contact.
  • Lastname
    The last name of the contact.
  • Email type
    The campaign email type.

If you delete a contact, the Email shows as Deleted contact, and the Firstname and Lastname is hidden.

deleted-contact.PNGHowever, if the contact is deleted and suppressed, the Email continues to show.


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