Unique clickers report

Learn how to use the Unique clickers report in your email campaign reporting. 


This report registers the unique number of users who've clicked links in your campaign. 

It displays all the email recipients who clicked a link, the number of clicks and which links they clicked, along with their email type. The first column shows the number of clicks alongside each email address.

How system generated links are dealt with

Any system generated links (listed below) will not be included in your unique clickers report as they are not tracked:

  • Click to email link
  • Click to call link
  • Preference centre link
  • Unsubscribe link
  • View in browser link
  • Double opt-in link
  • Resubscribe link
  • Anchor links

Access the report

To access the Unique clickers report for an email campaign:

  1. Go to Analytics > Channel analytics > Reports: Email.
  2. Select a campaign name.
  3. Expand the MORE REPORTS drop-down menu in the top left and select Unique Clickers.


Use the report

You can filter the list by clicking on Show all and then using either the 'Link name' or 'Link group' dropdown to select one in particular ('Link group' will only be available if you assigned link groups to your links when creating your campaign).

Note: Any subsequently deleted contacts in the report will be denoted as 'Deleted contact' (apart from deleted suppressed contacts whose email addresses will need to be retained).


Clicking the More details icon will display a window showing the date and time of each click, the URL of the link clicked on, the IP address, and the user agent.


Additional actions

You can also:

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