Email reporting overview


Email reporting gives you information about the performance of your sent campaigns. You can use this information to do the following:

  • Identify trends in the performance of your campaigns
  • Make sure that your campaigns are performing as you expect them to
  • Spot weaknesses in the performance of your campaigns and take action to improve it

We organise your email reporting into the email dashboard and individual email reports. Both of these include statistics about who's received your campaigns (delivery) and what your recipients have done with them (engagement and interaction).

If more information is available for a statistic, a link to the full report appears when you mouse over it.

Email dashboard

The Email dashboard tells the collective story of all of your campaigns by adding together all of their the statistics.

All statistics on the email dashboard are aggregated up until the previous day. The current day in which you're viewing account reports isn't aggregated. Therefore it doesn't include any real-time data, whereas campaign reports do.

Among other actions, you can do the following with your email dashboard:

Email reports

An Email report tells the story of one particular campaign by displaying an instant overview of the key metrics.

All statistics in email reports update in real time.

Among other actions you can do the following with your email reports:

Program reports

Program reports help you keep track of and understand how your programs are performing. You can choose to see your program reports in two helpful view types: Table view and Chart view.

To learn more about program reports, check out the article Using the program reports.
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