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Getting started with email campaigns

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Creating an email campaign

Editing an email campaign

Using EasyEditor to edit your email campaign

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Testing an email campaign

Sending an email campaign

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Tracking an email campaign

After sending an email campaign

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Deleting an email campaign

Email templates

EasyEditor template markup

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Split testing an email campaign

Advanced personalisation

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Email automation

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Program builder

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Email contacts

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Email address books

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Email segments

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Suppressed email contacts

Email contact data fields

Email marketing preferences

Email contact scoring

Subscribing and unsubscribing email contacts

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Email contacts advanced features

Email campaign advanced options

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Email FAQ

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Pages and forms


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Surveys & forms

Getting started with Survey & forms

Creating a survey

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Sharing a survey

After sharing a survey

Surveys & forms FAQs


Getting started with SMS

Creating an SMS campaign

Editing an SMS campaign

Testing an SMS campaign

Sending an SMS campaign

Tracking an SMS campaign

After sending an SMS campaign

Deleting an SMS campaign

Advanced SMS options

Split testing an SMS campaign

Auto-responder for SMS

SMS contacts

Transactional email

Getting started with transactional email

Using transactional email

Transactional email templates


Abandoned carts

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Product recommendations

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Ecommerce reports

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Web behavior tracking

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Insight data


Magento 1

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Magento 2

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Microsoft Dynamics

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Commerce flow

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Social media integrations

Using the API


Getting started with Chat

The Chat widget

Chat teams

Working with Chat

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Chat contacts


Feature releases

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