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13 September 2023 - Dotdigital release notes - 2023.3.6
13 September 2023 - Dotdigital release notes - 2023.3.6

On 13 September 2023, we released a maintenance upgrade for Dotdigital. Here's what's changed:

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What's new ✨

All Dotdigital accounts are now upgraded to the new Dotdigital. Bringing you unified contacts, better, faster APIs, marketing intelligence tools, and an enhanced navigation experience to streamline your marketing. For full details, see below.


  • We’ve increased the time period before a user is automatically logged out of the platform to three days.

App blocks

  • App block developers can now design App blocks to:

    • Be placed in columns.

    • Inherit campaign styles.

    • Contain colour picker parameters when setting up.

    • Use external dynamic content.

  • App blocks are now easier to track. They automatically apply UTM parameters so you can track the performance of App block links in campaign reports. Learn more


  • You can now collect mobile numbers for your contacts through a Dotdigital signup form. Learn more.

  • Contacts can now unsubscribe from SMS using a Dotdigital form. Learn more.

  • It’s now possible to segment your contacts based on their mobile number country. Learn more.


  • We’ve redesigned our SMS editor to make it simpler, cleaner and easier to use. Learn more.

SMS consent


  • Advanced revenue attribution now also includes SMS campaign engagement. Learn more.


  • We’ve expanded the functionality of our v3 API service. Learn more.

  • We’ve massively increased the rate limits on our API, and introduced a new tiered system. Learn more.



  • Quickly install Web behavior tracking, abandoned cart, and abandoned browse with our new automatic scrip installation process. Learn more.

Shopware 6

  • Separate and view your storefront customers, subscribers, products, and orders within your account, with Sales channels. Learn more.


  • Keep track of what’s been happening in your account with the new Overall activities, Recent activities, and Continue where you left off features on the Homepage. Learn more.



  • We've released the Dotdigital Progressive Web App (PWA). A desktop version of Dotdigital that you can install on your computer. Learn more.

Help Centre

  • Introducing our new Help Centre! Experience seamless support with improved search, a new category structure, an entirely reviewed article set, and the ability to access articles through the chat widget.

Bug fixes 🐛

We've also made more than 33 bug fixes and improvements.

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