Upgrade 4 January 2017 - Emoji picker for subject lines, plus drag and drop template uploader

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 4 January 2017 includes the following changes:

  • New emoji picker for subject lines in updated campaign details page

    The campaign details page has been given an overhaul. The preview panel has now been revamped and brought into the modern day.

    This overhaul comes with a searchable emoji picker for your subject lines, enabling you to harness their power to enhance your open rates.

  • Drag and drop template uploader

    We've introduced a new drag and drop canvas when uploading a template, making it easy to drag files from anywhere on your computer straight into dotmailer. (You can still click and select files too, however, if that's your preference.)

    You can drag in as many files as you like, including zip files, and they upload in a flash. 

  • Redesigned EasyEditor blocks

    The building blocks in EasyEditor have also been given an overhaul, to provide you with a better user experience. They're now coloured grey and they minimise until they're moused over, at which point a header bar appears. This tells you the type of building block it is, and you can drag the block by the header bar to anywhere else in the campaign.

    The blocks in our segment and landing page builder have also been given a spruce up.

  • Settings menu changes

    The settings menu has been adjusted slightly in preparation for some more changes later this month. You'll now find a new 'Access' option under which you can access your users, API users and transactional email users.

    For accounts using the team management beta feature, there's a new 'Your team' option.

  • Want to know more about the above? Read our blog.
  • Other enhancements
    • Over 30 bug fixes and performance improvements.
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