Upgrade 15 March 2017 - Introducing sender reputation score

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 15 March 2017 includes the following changes:

  • Sender reputation
    We're introducing a new 'Sender reputation' tab to the 'Account' page for all accounts that don't have a dedicated IP address. If you can't see it yet, you'll have access to it fairly soon.

    Your account's sender reputation status provides an important indication of good email marketing practice. It's calculated from the quality of data you upload and the engagement you get from your contacts for your campaigns. The better your quality of data is, and the greater your campaigns perform, the better your sender reputation will be.

    And knowing your sender reputation will enable you to take steps to improve it, should you wish or need to.

  • Change to 'Column' building block in EasyEditor
    Our 'Start from scratch' and 'Mobile email. Rebooted' templates now allow you to change the number of columns in a 'Column' building block via the side panel in EasyEditor. This is the same functionality as available in our classic templates.

  • Scheduled imports (beta) improvements
    If you're using the beta version of our scheduled imports tool, then you'll see we've introduced new columns on the task listings page that detail the date and time of the last import, when the next import run is due, the schedule type, plus you can access a scheduled task's history. 

  • Improved live chat
    We've improved our live chat facility. A conversation can now continue seamlessly no matter where you navigate to across the application or the help centre. When accessing it from the 'Help' panel in the app, you'll also notice we've given the panel a little revamp.

  • Salesforce connector v2.40 released
    We've released a new Salesforce connector package that supports contact scoring synchronisation.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector upgrades released 
    We've released upgraded Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector solutions that support contact scoring synchronisation.

Other enhancements

  • Our Shopify connector (beta) now supports region 2.
  • When uploading a file of contacts for suppression, the 'Email address to notify' field now prepopulates with the logged in user's email address.
  • The latest translation updates for the surveys and forms application interface have been implemented (these weren't included as part of the launch of 17one).
  • 30 bug fixes and performance improvements.
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