dotmailer for Magento v2.2.0 release

dotmailer for Magento v2.2.0 now available

You can now get the latest version of dotmailer for Magento 2.

Improvements include:

  • Bulk order sync now has a delay (of 60 mins) before being imported
  • An improvement has been made to the install script for customers that are subscribed

Bug fixes include:

  • Subscriber syncs had been experiencing issues relating to contact data fields; these have now been fixed
  • Campaigns sent in bulk no longer fail to update their status after being sent
  • For abandoned cart emails, the product prices are now taken from the quote rather than directly from the product itself
  • Only campaigns that are successfully sent in a bulk send now get updated with a send ID (from dotmailer); failed sends get no send ID and an error message
  • The trial account creation process has been optimised
  • The automap button for data fields now works for different websites
  • Each website can now have different API endpoints
  • We've fixed a problem with updating the 'is_guest' field when syncing orders
  • An issue with the timing of sending abandoned carts emails has been fixed, as well as time zone issues relating to UTC
  • We've streamlined the amount of data that's imported when syncing single orders, making it more efficient
  • The importer now marks processed deleted contacts as 'done', and no longer retries deleting them on every sync
  • Before creating a contact, an automatic check is made to ensure the API is enabled
  • Subscribers are now removed from the email_contact table when the subscriber is deleted in Magento
  • When a customer changes their email address in Magento, their subscription status now gets correctly updated
  • Unsubscribing subscribers weren't getting added to the importer to be removed from address books; this has been fixed
  • Contacts' subscription status wasn't getting correctly changed but this has been fixed
  • Using 'Select All' and deleting now works as expected for all report tables
  • The automation report table status wasn't displaying but it does again now
  • The importer status is no longer saved in the wrong column
  • Newsletter subscriptions, with the default option selected, now make the correct API call to get contact data fields
  • An issue with contacts' suppression status has been fixed when suppressing multiple contacts
  • We've reverted the guest finding feature, so guests are now part of the order sync again; this was reverted due to performance issues
  • Guests can no longer cause duplicate contacts to be created when synced
  • It was possible for orders to get imported without a website ID; this has been fixed
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