dotmailer for Magento v2.4.0 release

You can now get the latest version of dotmailer for Magento 2. Improvements and fixes include:


  • We’ve introduced new validation when deleting cron job CSV files
  • Subscriber's sales data is now synced only if the sales data option is enabled in config


  • We’ve removed the MailCheck feature
  • We’ve fixed an encoding issue for the product short description
  • We’ve fixed generating a token for an admin user
  • Magento guests are now getting imported into the 'Guests' address book in dotmailer as expected
  • Counts of imported catalogs and reviews weren’t changing in dotmailer when products and reviews were deleted in Magento; they are now
  • Subscribers are now added to the ‘Subscribers’ address book when they resubscribe
  • Wishlists weren’t batching; this has been fixed
  • We’ve implemented a fix to prevent duplications for first customer order automation programs
  • We’ve implemented a fix to prevent duplicate cron jobs running at the same time
  • We now use getStatuses to prevent errors on upgrade to v2.2.2
  • We’ve fixed an importer error when a contact doesn’t have an ID; they now register with the importer after they’re saved and will have an ID
  • We’ve fixed single deletes for wishlists when adding or removing products to a wishlist
  • We’ve fixed duplication of emails, including those sent when updating the guest on an order sync
  • Using a table prefix for the cleaner cron job now works; previously it was showing the error that the table didn’t exist
  • We now force the default type for data field values to match the type
  • A customer’s import status wasn’t getting reset after making an order; it is now
  • We’ve fixed the process for abandoned carts when the first one is disabled
  • It wasn’t possible to save a condition in exclusion rules in Magento lower than v2.1.6
  • Malconfigured stores can no longer cause email capture scripts to make POST requests over an incorrect HTTP protocol; it’s now made over HTTPS
  • When saving API credentials, the value in config for connector/API/endpoint was getting saved for ‘website’ scope and not ‘default’ scope; this is no longer the case
  • Subscriber status wasn’t getting updated in Magento when changed in dotmailer; it is now
  • Catalog report mass delete action no longer shows an exception.
  • An expiry days value of ‘0’ in the external dynamic content coupon code URL would set the coupon code’s expiration date and time to the coupon code’s creation date and time; this has been fixed
  • We've fixed various typos throughout the extension UI
  • We've fixed the way OAUTH refresh token was stored and used for the Automation Studio
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