Surveys and forms - an overview

We're retiring Surveys & forms

On 5 July 2021, Surveys & forms will be retired. You can continue to create surveys, forms, and even landing pages with our newer, easier-to-use and more flexible Pages and forms tool.

No need to panic - your existing surveys and forms will continue to work even after this date. Now is a great time to start building using the Pages and forms tool.

Learn more about the Surveys & forms retirement


This feature allows you to build and design surveys and forms with ease, helping you to increase your signups and collect more customer data and feedback.

These can range from simple opt-in forms to more sophisticated customer service satisfaction or market research surveys.

Building your survey or form

Build your survey or form with our drag and drop editor. If you're used to using EasyEditor, then you're already be familiar with what to expect.

Select from a range of ready-made templates to get you going, or you can build them completely from scratch.

They're also fully optimised, which means they are quite intuitive to fill in, no matter what device they're being viewed on.

Branding your survey or form

You can brand your survey or form by using our CopyKat tool. Simply type in the address of the page you want to copy to create a branded surrounding. You don't need to write any code or have any design skills.

Sharing your survey or form

You can: 

Using your responses

There are a few things you can do with your survey or form responses:

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