New APIs & updates in 2010

Some more new API methods have been created, including

  • ListModifiedContacts2
  • ListSuppressedContacts
  • SendCampaignToAddressBooksWithProgress
  • GetCampaignSendProgress
  • Listnewcontacts
  • ListContactsInAddressBookWithFullData
  • ListUnsubscribersAddressBook
  • ListModifiedContactsInAddressBook
  • GetContactImportReport
  • GetContactImportReportFaults

You can see all the API calls at

Calling removecontactfromaddressbook twice on the same contact no longer causes an error on the second call.

API usage statistics should now be visible to all users.

The API method getcontactimportreportfaults now returns an error when called with invalid data.

API imports no longer mark the header row as a row which failed to import

CreateDataField now creates the field as private by default

RemoveContactFromAddressBook will now suppress unknown email addresses, previously you had to initially create the contact and then suppress it.

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