APIs to stick with UTC - goodbye BST

There may be a some hoo-ha about whether Britain should keep their British Summer Time or not, but we've come to a decision here at dotMailer.
We're going UTC.
Yes you heard right, UTC/GMT. (Co-ordinated universal time, previously known as Greenwich Mean Time)
Up until now, dotMailer's been using UK time (BST & UTC in the Winter) for datetime operations in the API. However, because the UK has British Summer Time between March and October, this means that dotMailer's understanding of dates and times would vary by the season.
How very confusing.
So we're making it simpler. All datetime operations within our API will be understood as UTC.
This means when Britain goes over to British Summer Time on the 27th March 2011, dotMailer will not be using BST for API calls, but will continue with UTC.
We've added a handy new little API method called GetServerTime to our API, just in case you want to have something to sync against in the future.
Before March 2011 please get your developers to give your code a once over to check if this change to UTC times will require any alteration to your code.

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