Upgrade 26/07/2011

We've just performed an update that's brought in a number of design improvements. These included:

New 'pre-app' screens

These are what you see prior to reaching the dashboard - so we have new forgotten password, IP validation, and CAPTCHA screens. We also have a new login screen, should you login directly rather than through the website.

Better top and bottom

You'll also notice we've changed the header and footer throughout the app. Crucially, the notifications system is now reached through a link on the main bar - this is in place of the notifications themselves taking up room on your dashboards. You'll see a little pink speech bubble when you have something new to read.

The footer area now contains a bunch of useful links, from help and guidance articles to our API documentation. Whilst sitting on our development servers prior to launch, this area also included a link that enabled you to buy us biscuits.  But then the sensible side of us thought you may appreciate a link to the live chat area instead, so the biscuit request was dropped. But should you feel the urge, why not browse www.biscuiteers.com (hint: our contact details are also on the new footer!).

New fixed-width layout

If you're really paying attention, you may notice that we're now displaying pages at a fixed-width, rather than in a liquid layout. (We're actually using Media Queries to display pages at one of two widths, depending on your screen resolution - so if you have a large monitor, don't worry,  you won't be forced to view the app in 1024 mode).

To see any of these changes, just login to your account now.

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    Then why on my 20" widescreen monitor with a resolution of 1680x998 do I have everything crammed into a 9.5" wide section in the middle, leaving 3.5" of blank waste space either side.  It may be like this to help design emails, but when it comes to looking at reports or contact data it's awful.

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    Hi Peter,

    It'll probably be because you're using a browser that doesn't support Media Queries - namely IE8 or below.

    We try hard to make sure we support as many browsers as possible,  but occasionally we have to make a decision which means that some browsers won't behave exactly as we'd like in favour of moving forward. In this case, we support IE6, IE7 and IE8 with our 'narrow' version, and most other browsers with both widths.

    For those that aren't aware, IE9 (which will support both widths) is available as a free download over at http://beautyoftheweb.co.uk/.