Upgrade 20/11/2011

Today's scheduled maintenance and upgrade is complete, including the following improvements:

Borders and Padding in EasyEditor

The ability to add padding and borders of all colours in EasyEditor has been greatly impoved, soon you will be able to read more about borders and padding in emails on our email marketing blog.

Hotmail list-unsubscribe upgrade

We've upgraded the list-unsubscribe feature to support some new features currently being rolled out by Hotmail.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also tweaked a several other features including:

  • Accounts set to a non-UK timezone should now find it easier to modify a scheduled campaign
  • Livechat has been upgraded following some incompatibility issues with Firefox 6
  • The Template Library in App will now render correctly in Firefox 7
  • Send time shows for the timezone of the user account, rather than server time
  • Some tweaks to our Facebook signup forms
  • Copying a plaintext email used to revert it to HTML mode – that’s fixed
  • If a deleted contact took a survey, we didn’t reactivate their record in the account – we do now
  • Perfomance improvements to Site builder, address books, image resizing, domain suppressions and logins
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