Upgrade 3 April 2012

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 2nd and 3rd of April is now complete and includes the following upgrades and changes:


Following the full launch of dotSurvey, the interface for accessing surveys has changed.

  • Existing accounts with one or more classic surveys will continue to be able to choose between dotSurvey and the classic survey tool
  • Existing accounts with no classic surveys will see dotSurvey only, and not the classic survey tool
  • New accounts will automatically see dotSurvey only, and not the classic survey tool


Following user feedback, the main menu items can now be opened by moving the mouse cursor over the menu, rather than on click (except for touch screen devices).

Classic Editor

If you're editing campaigns using Classic Editor you'll see a notification about EasyEditor and how to get templates marked up to use EasyEditor.

Under the bonnet changes

Some changes have been made which won't be visible to users:

  • Some changes to improve our billing system
  • Some changes to speed up and streamline our method of deploying updates to the system

For Corporate accounts and dotMailer Resellers

The changes to Classic Editor, surveys and billing do not affect reseller accounts.

[Update 04-Apr-2012] The daily reports post-campaign send were missing out the white label logo and using wrong colours; this has now been fixed.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • As campaign names are used for Google Analytics tracking, changing a campaign name would lead to a misleading stats; the original campaign name is now preserved for tracking purposes
  • When viewing a thumbnail for a sent campaign, it will now use the campaign for the winning split test creative
  • Sorting a table on ROI value would not always sort into the correct order; this has been fixed
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