Upgrade 18 April 2012

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 18 April 2012 is now complete and includes the following upgrades and changes:

New API methods

Two new API methods have been added:

New Icons

The icons used across dotMailer have been updated; so look out for fresher looking icons for 'Edit', 'Copy', 'Reports' and a whole lot more.

Under the bonnet changes

Some changes have been made which won't be visible to users:

  • Further changes to our billing setup
  • Provisional changes to the API to make way for more integrations
  • Provisional work for enabling more translations in dotMailer

For Corporate accounts and dotMailer Resellers

  • No specific changes of note.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • Changes to the signposting from Classic Editor to EasyEditor, including a new video (not enabled for resellers)
  • We fixed a bug that should allow ReMails to be sent much faster (in some cases 90 times faster).
  • The tracking site now fully supports cultural date formats (previously when we showed a datetime, we would sometimes just show the date and not the time, for example).
  • A bug has been fixed where a cancelled campaign would not appear in some sections of the app.
  • Substantial changes to our SMS send mechanism to make reporting receipts more resilient. (Or, as one of our developers described, "We made it better".)
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    During this upgrade there was an unscheduled outage of our API and tracking site for 8 minutes between 18:05 and 18:14 - as such any clicks/opens during that period may not have been recorded. The outage was identified quickly through our QA process and was restored as soon as possible.

    We apologise for this outage and will be reviewing to identify the underlying cause.

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    Is there any way for us to track what we can expect in coming scheduled maintenance fixes? For example, the one on May 2nd... what new features are you implementing?

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    Hi Craig,

    We don't currently have a specific forum to subscribe to for forthcoming changes; but if you subscribe to this one and to  general announcements, you'll be among the first to know of new features.

    We've got a few of large features planned for next Wednesday (just preparing the release notes now); but I don't want to over promise in case something isn't complete in time. With regards the fixes, I can let you know that the Facebook signup tool will be fixed with the coming upgrade.