Upgrade 20 June 2012 — Google analytics and new languages

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 20th June 2012 is now complete and includes the following upgrades and changes:

Google analytics in application

Back in January we launched a tool to view your Google Analytics reports inside dotMailer. Following the successful beta testing period this is now available to all users on Professional and Enterprise plans.

For more information, see our help article on Google Analytics reporting.

New language options (beta)

dotMailer is used in 143 different countries; until now it's only been available in English.

We're trialling some foreign language translations of dotMailer, and are now looking for some users to help us to test these. Once enabled (ask your account manager about accessing beta features) you will be able to view dotMailer in Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Some aspects of the system are not fully translated, so when testing you might find sections in English (particularly in EasyEditor). We're actively looking for feedback, so if there are any Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese email marketers out there who are interested, do let us know.

EasyEditor spellchecker

EasyEditor now comes complete with an in built spelling checker. This new tool will check your content and suggest words that should be used in place of potential spelling errors.

Internet Explorer 8 upgrades for EasyEditor

EasyEditor has been given a number of extensive upgrades for working with Internet Explorer 8. While we advocate our clients use the latest browsers, we appreciate that many of you are restricted to using older systems, so our users should now find EasyEditor up to four times faster.

New icon set for EasyEditor

The icons in EasyEditor have been refreshed to make it easier to understand what each feature does.

For whitelabels and resellers

The above changes are all available for resellers / whitelabels (note that the language options are only available for users with beta features enabled).

Other tweaks and improvements

Various improvements, bug fixes and tweaks were also included in this deployment including:

  • A new error has been added to the API for AddContactToAddressBook, the error ERROR_CONTACT_SUPPRESSEDFORADDRESSBOOK will be returned if a contact is suppressed for that address book but not for the whole account
  • Changes to enable fast account setup in dotSurvey
  • An error with paging for ListUnsubscribersAddressBook has been fixed
  • Split test campaigns sent through the API could show the wrong resume date in the web application, if created with a scheduled date in the past, this has been fixed
  • Campaigns sent via the API as PlainText now show correctly as PlainText
  • The date range picker will now respect user timezones
  • Additional resilience has been added to file writing processes
  • The Click to Open rate was appearing in the wrong column in campaign comparison reports, this has been fixed
  • Postcode validation no longer runs for addresses when pages are first loaded (only on submission)
  • Links containing a "$" symbol will no longer cause issues in Hot Spot reports
  • Language now updates straight away when changing it in the My Account area
  • Some styling issues on the campaign summary page have been fixed
  • Styling of the 'My account' menu has been tweaked
  • An error with parsing phone numbers has been fixed
  • Campaigns scheduled to send simultaneously from the same account will now send faster
  • Segmentation queries now handle saving single contacts more effectively
  • The password expiry page is now themed
  • Renaming a sent campaign will no longer change the links contained
  • An error has been fixed whereby a report would display incorrectly if a campaign had been sent to exactly 21 address books (no more, no fewer!)
  • Links to add surveys are now hidden if a user does not have access to a survey tool
  • Various changes have been made to warnings in the application
  • Links to add surveys using the classic survey tool have been hidden where there are zero classic surveys
  • Some formatting issues for bullet points in Chrome have been fixed
  • New accounts logging in from a different IP address to the one their account was created for now receive appropriate messaging
  • Some issues with exports failing on first try have been fixed
  • Some issues were fixed in scheduled campaign email reports
  • When attempting to update a suppressed contact in the API, the error ERROR_CONTACT_SUPPRESSED will now be returned
  • The phone picker will now try to select the most appropriate default country code
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