Upgrade 25 July 2012 — Help, undo and fix

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 25th July 2012 is now complete and includes the following upgrades and changes:

Deleting and undeleting reporting data

Campaign reports are now deleted and recovered at the same as a campaign is deleted and recovered.

If you have previously deleted any campaign reports, these can be recovered by deleting and recovering the campaign that the report was about.

Help link

The help link in dotMailer no longer links to the old-style FAQ, but to our helpdesk knowledge base where all of the help articles have been migrated to (and in most cases updated).

For whitelabel accounts the 'Help' link will continue to link to the in-app FAQ; if you have a URL you would prefer this to point to, please let your account manager know.

Campaign summary page

A few changes have been made to the campaign summary page such that once a campaign is in the outbox, or sent you can edit the forwarding address and behavioural triggers.

Also, while the campaign is in the outbox, you can now see the address books it is going to; so no more cancelling a campaign just because you think you may have made a mistake.

Other tweaks and improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • Unverified white label accounts can now log in using non-white labelled login forms
  • Address books are now created as private by default
  • The test send system will no longer offer "HTML" if the campaign is set to plain text only
  • A bug was fixed where renaming images could add .png Image renaming problem
  • Some redundant filters were removed from the reporting area (filtering by address book for contacts that are unsubscribed for all address books)
  • Where API calls are made and the skipCount is too high, the error ERROR_PARAMETER_INVALID will be returned
  • Contacts that were suppressed via a shared suppression list could not be resubscribed, this bug has now been fixed
  • Classic Editor was not working for some of our translations (currently in beta testing), this has been fixed
  • The Google analytics feature has now been made fully whitelabel friendly
  • A bug was fixed where dynamic content could break if you entered an exceptionally long name for it
  • The 'My account' current activity page now highlights the current band for the account
  • A few fixes have been made for Mac users on the login screen
  • The date range pickers now return fully timezone safe values
  • Some optimisation and fixes have been made to segmentation queries
  • The 'more' link is now hidden in printed campaign reports
  • Some parts of the system have had new translations added
  • A bug was fixed whereby the link to the preference centre could break when looking at the in-browser version of a campaign
  • Users can now create the permitted maximum number of address books (rather than 1 less than the maximum number)
  • Our unsubscribe and preference centre pages will now support browsers with invalid language settings
  • The text in our activation emails has been updated
  • The emails generated by credit card purchases now have dates formatted according to the user's local setting
  • Multiple 'upgrade now' images could appear when a page gets reloaded; now a user will only get the image once per feature
  • Campaign keywords are now limited to 100 characters when editing the campaign HTML
  • Choosing your language was only available to users set as beta testers; this is now available to all users via the My account page
  • Images with corrupted metadata can now be uploaded to the image manager (and the metadata will be ignored)
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