Upgrade 30 January 2013 — Maintenance deploy

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 30th January 2013 is a maintenance upgrade and includes the following fixes:

Changes and improvements

  • We've released the first of our two-monthly language packs. The French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish versions of the app have all been updated. We're still beavering away to ensure all areas of the app are included in the translations (such as the Segments tool). These languages will remain in beta until this work is done.

Smaller improvements

  • We increased the speed of our link tracking service
  • Our RSS feed widget in EasyEditor is now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 7
  • The close button on behavioural triggers setup no longer layers in front of the filters options
  • You can now use backslash symbols (\) in the segment builder
  • Dynamic content is now stripped out when copying a campaign from one account to another
  • Some broken links in our REST API documentation have been fixed
  • The "Show links" in EasyEditor now has scrolling for when you have a large number of links
  • Changing a segment builder rule to 'is empty' now hides the relevant input box
  • The template importer will now import style tags in the template header
  • Our 'first time user' dashboard now updates after the user has sent their first campaign
  • The status of Custom From Addresses now differentiates between various inactive statuses (Pending, Disabled and Expired)
  • Our Google Analytics integration now accommodates campaigns with non-standard characters in the name
  • Stylesheets in our campaign preview are no longer duplicated
  • EasyEditor stylesheets no longer have needless newlines added to the stylesheet on save
  • Auto-save restores now restore stylesheets
  • Changing dynamic content in a triggered campaign will now take effect immediately
  • We've made a few changes to our signup processes which prevented a small number of users from creating accounts
  • Dynamic content can now be used in Internet Explorer 7
  • Style tags inside tables no longer cause emails to resize when reloading the editor
  • You can now select 'all' when selecting address books in the segment builder with checkboxes
  • Invoices for users with a large number of campaigns are now consolidated to be shorter
  • An intermittent issue where ReMails became cancelled has been resolved
  • Dynamic subject lines can now use rules for PlainText/HTML preferences
  • We now provide a notification for failed SMS sends
  • Our new Transactional Data API methods have been enabled for accounts with the permission
  • Those odd people out there still using our Classic Editor campaigns can now use stylesheets again
  • You can now see the Inbox test spam assessment for sent campaigns
  • A caching issue with the new EasyEditor menu has been fixed
  • The new dynamic subject line builder no longer has a delay on entering text values
  • Our signup forms are now timezone aware
  • You can now "Add new contact" directly from editing an existing contact
  • Our Postman collection name is now the same as the API URL
  • Unvalidated accounts can now create new microsites page based on existing campaign templates
  • The API property ApiCallsInLastHour is now of type Integer
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