Upgrade 13 March 2013 — Throttled sending and WordPress sign-up form plugin v2

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 13th March 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Throttled sending

Are you a large account holder who's ever wanted to control and spread the send rate of your campaigns over a longer period than our default send rate? Well, now you can ask for this very permission on your account! Not only does this protect your email sending reputation with big email providers, it also helps to ensure your customer service phone lines and resources aren’t swamped by a call-to-action.

Please note that this feature is not offered by default and has to be enabled for you. Please ask support about this.

WordPress sign-up form plugin v2

dotmailer.pngThis is now available for download on the WordPress site! It is the easy way to convert your WordPress blog or website visitors into sign-ups for your newsletter and email marketing campaigns. The plugin will ensure your new subscribers will be added to your dotMailer address books.

New features in v2 include being able to put email addresses into multiple address books; capturing of additional information to store in contact data fields; reordering address books and contact data fields; a new look native WordPress design with tabbed navigation; the plugin is now shown as ‘dotMailer’ in the WordPress left-hand menu; and unsubscribed contacts can now re-subscribe.

Visit our WordPress sign-up form plugin v2 article for more information.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked a several other features including:

  • You can now use Ctrl+S to save in EasyEditor
  • The main logo no longer changes size when mousing over the menu
  • Implemented a modification ensuring the page scrolls when dragging elements from top or bottom of a page in EasyEditor
  • We have optimised API v2 importing
  • A fix has been implemented to optimise database performance when listing campaigns
  • Performance of certain page loads within the application has been optimised
  • A modification has been implemented to optimise the rendering of billing information
  • Resubscribe rules have now been brought into alignment for both API v1 and v2
  • We have optimised REST API operations to return valid JSON in all cases
  • We have implemented fixes to improve use of soft/hard bounce thresholds
  • Addressbook exports have been modified to show emailtype as html or plaintext
  • We have modified and improved validation rules for microsite page names
  • We have fixed a bug in EasyEditor’s spellchecker that was causing issues in document links
  • We have improved the performance of bulk updating and deleting of domains
  • We have improved the performance of segment rule GUIDs when items are duplicated
  • We have improved the process of saving of new split tests with dynamic content in EasyEditor
  • We have implemented a modification that improves page execution times
  • We have improved the ability to copy CSS styles from template to campaign in EasyEditor
  • We have improved the use of merging and purging of address books
  • We have optimised the speed of the performance of segments with multiple address books joined with ORs
  • We have improved the link editor in Classic Editor
  • We have improved translations in EasyEditor and in the application as a whole
  • We have improved dynamic content performance in Internet Explorer
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure imported contact data fields in English are mapped to the user’s own language
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