Upgrade 10 April 2013 — Improved campaign preview

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 10th April 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Improved campaign preview

The campaign preview has been redesigned and improved with added functionality to include tablet and mobile previewing. You can of course do everything you used to be able to do, but you can also now switch images on and off, preview any dynamic content or split tests you may have, switch between desktop, tablet and mobile previews, as well as switch between portrait and landscape views for these devices.

Please note that there are browser restrictions with regards to tablet and mobile previewing. It is not available in IE (Trident-based) but it is available in Chrome, Safari (WebKit-based) and Firefox (Gecko-based).

It must also be stressed that the preview tool is only an approximation of how campaigns will look in these devices. If more accuracy is required then it is best to run an inbox test. To read more about the difference between the preview tool and inbox testing, click here.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • A content type marker is now included for the faults file download via REST API 
  • DateTime.Min/MaxValue handling and performance has been optimised 
  • We have improved and optimised EasyEditor’s handling of Unicode characters 
  • We have fixed an issue with API v2 usage quota response 
  • Watchdog performance has been optimised and logging rationalised 
  • Campaign thumbnail generation has been optimised 
  • Improvements have been made to dotSurvey account update
  • A date and time validation message is now triggered when modifying the time of a scheduled send
  • We have improved the performance of the dynamic content cloning function 
  • We have fixed a timing out issue within the Contacts page
  • We have improved dotSurvey online payment performance for US users 
  • We have fixed an issue preventing user accounts from having more than one default from address 
  • Saving an empty PayPal setting in the reseller billing settings page no longer causes an error 
  • We have optimised the permissions redirector function 
  • We have fixed an issue whereby accessing a null campaign via an old link or bookmark no longer throws an error
  • We have improved template upload performance 
  • Microsite preview performance has been improved 
  • A modification has been implemented to ensure the reliability of campaign links 
  • We have fixed a bug concerning the API import method, optimising the creation of the import faults file
  • We have fixed some localisation issues 
  • We have introduced a modification to safeguard against issues when scheduling sends at a time that is affected by daylight saving changes 
  • We have improved the rendering of the domain renewal charges tab 
  • We have fixed an issue with the way in which some thumbnail images were being rendered 
  • We have improved the accuracy of validation messages upon selecting contacts 
  • A modification has been introduced in alignment with Hexonet to ensure domain registrations don’t fail if the company name is too short
  • Contact importing has been optimised in classic surveys
  • We have fixed an issue that had been affecting some cases of contact importing
  • We have improved the way in which the text area displays in API logging in Firefox
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