Upgrade 3rd July 2013 — A host of Image Manager enhancements

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 3rd July 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Image Manager has been enhanced!

image_manager.pngThe Image Manager now features a whole range of various enhancements, tweaks and refinements. We've listened to you and decided we had to tackle the main observation that, although it's great for finding a lost image, it can prove frustrating when attempting to insert the found image into a campaign! In the process, we've also overhauled Image Manager's general usability. The key new features are:

  • A 'Recently uploaded images' folder, making it easier to find the images you've just uploaded
  • An 'Images used in this campaign' folder
  • It's now easier to find an image in the Image Manager and insert it into a campaign: it remembers which folder and image you had selected in the Image Manager and shows it in the sidebar, and vice versa.
  • The toolbar has been given a refresh, and it now contains the options that used to be shown over the images themselves (such as 'Preview' and 'Crop')
  • Search is now always global
  • Search results are now shown in their own (temporary) folder
  • Cropping has been vastly improved! You can now crop directly from the previewing window; large images are now scaled down so they fit on the screen; and you can now save the cropped image and remove the old one in one go.
  • We now highlight the containing folder when you mouse over or click an image when in search or 'All images'
  • There are now tooltips throughout the Manager
  • Settings persist even when you click into other folders
  • Width, height and file size information is provided when you mouse over an image
  • Plus there are new keyboard shortcuts - cursor keys will navigate around the images in Image Manager; Ctrl+k will show thumbnails, whilst Ctrl+l will show the list; Alt+= will upload an image; and Alt+n will create a new folder.

As well as these, you'll no doubt spot one or two other nice little features when you play around with it, so don't delay! Get stuck in!

Bulk removal of contacts via API v2

If you're a user of our API v2, then you'll be pleased to hear we've just added a brand new method/operation to our REST and SOAP versions allowing you to bulk remove contacts from an address book. For more information, visit the REST and SOAP documentation.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • We’ve improved and enhanced the performance of our Litmus inbox previews
  • We’ve improved and optimised the performance of Image Manager
  • We’ve enhanced the operation of our domain renewals monitoring service
  • We’ve prevented the attempted send of test sends if an email address hasn’t been selected
  • ReMails of a campaign now copy over behavioural triggers from the original campaign
  • We’ve applied a fix ensuring the API call ListCampaignActivitiesSinceDate now works as expected
  • We’ve improved the performance of PDF conversion downloading within the application
  • The microsite editor can now handle two spaces within a URL without breaking it
  • We’ve ensured that forward-to-a-friend emails viewed in a browser support classic survey completion
  • We’ve introduced extra validation to ensure dotSurvey links can’t be broken when editing them from the campaign summary screen
  • We’ve fixed an issue whereby the resize handle wasn’t displaying when dragging a PNG or GIF into a campaign
  • We’ve fixed an issue in IE9 whereby initially clicking on the crop button produces no cropping tools, but clicking a second time does
  • We’ve optimised the performance of Image Manager’s resize handler
  • We’ve fixed a US localisation issue
  • Firefox no longer accidentally logs users out in forms which have no default button provisioned
  • We’ve optimised our link management process to ensure all links are correctly validated within campaigns
  • We’ve optimised the suppression process of contacts and their removal from address books
  • We’ve fixed an issue in which it was possible for a campaign to hang on the preview screen
  • A variety of minor localisation fixes have been implemented relating to image pages
  • Segment refreshing in relation to address book updates has been optimised
  • We’ve fixed an issue to ensure a document link name no longer disappears after a campaign test send
  • Our microsite link previewer now fully sanitises for HTML
  • Tooltip content within the 'Edit RSS feed' section of EasyEditor has been added
  • The inbox preview results page now redirects to the correct summary URL for triggered campaigns
  • We’ve optimised the performance of segment refreshes on very large data sets
  • All instances of image case are now maintained during a campaign copy
  • We’ve updated and improved the wording and display of some buttons within the application
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