Upgrade 9th October 2013 — Improved mobile display options

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 9th October 2013 includes the following upgrades and changes:

EasyEditor options for mobile optimisation

mobile_display.pngWe've introduced some great new functionality within EasyEditor to help make campaigns adapt on mobile devices. These features will work if you select one of our free, mobile-compatible templates from the template library.

Hide building blocks on mobiles

You can now hide elements on mobile devices from the editor. Click a block within a campaign, click on 'Styles', select 'Mobile display' and then 'Hide this block on mobile devices'. An icon will appear, highlighting that this block will now only show on large-screen devices. You can then check your mobile preview to see that the block is hidden.

Preserve an image's size on mobile devices

You can also now preserve an image's size - ensuring it doesn’t grow when displayed on a mobile (which is our default behaviour). Again, you can click on an image within their campaign in EasyEditor, then click on 'Styles', select 'Mobile display' and then tick 'Preserve image size on mobile devices'. You can then check your mobile preview to see that the image is not enlarged.

The preserved image is again highlighted and flagged up as not enlarging on mobile devices within the editor.

Prevent stacking of content on mobile devices

Lastly, you can now choose to prevent tables stacking on a mobile device (also our default behaviour). Again, click on a table within your campaign in EasyEditor, then click on 'Styles', select 'Mobile display' and tick 'Do not stack content on mobile devices'. You can then check your mobile preview to see that the content is not stacking.

The table is highlighted and flagged up as not stacking on mobile devices within the editor.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features:

  • We’ve added the iPhone5S to our Inbox Preview feature
  • A message now displays informing you that you’ve reached the maximum number of SMS address books allowed for your account, whereas previously this was not made clear
  • The look of the page that displays after a recipient unsubscribes from an address book has been improved
  • We’ve fixed a bug which was causing URLs containing special characters (hyphens, accented characters, etc.) to not be recognised as well formed
  • We’ve optimised the behaviour of permission templates under the circumstances of an account not having a level set and therefore not having any permissions
  • We’ve enhanced the loading of address books under ‘My contacts’ for accounts with a very large number of them
  • We’ve enhanced the functioning of mouse wheel scrolling when using the side panel drop zones in EasyEditor
  • We’ve improved the invoice display for certain types of payment plan users
  • We can now automatically decompress gzipped streams, allowing us to support any such compressed RSS feeds
  • We’ve made a range of address book and segment query refresh enhancements for overall optimisation of the function
  • We’ve improved our handling of extremely long links for reporting graphs in PDFs, which were previously failing if they were over 2048 characters in length
  • Previewing of hidden external dynamic content has been optimised
  • We’ve added error messages for strings that are too long within a transactional data object import
  • Unicode characters are now removed from image names to guard against any Image Manager crashes caused by them
  • We’ve fixed an issue that had been affecting the option to clone dynamic content
  • We’ve fixed a bug in both API v1 and v2 that was affecting the SOAP methods ListSentCampaignsWithActivitySinceDate and GetSentCampaignsWithActivitySinceDate and their REST equivalent GetCampaignsWithActivitySinceDate
  • We’ve optimised the editing of a trigger when involving an anniversary rule
  • We’ve introduced a fix to enable accounts with large invoices to view them in PDF format
  • We’ve made invoice printing enhancements, with totals no longer being shown on a new page unless there isn’t enough space on the previous page
  • We’ve ensured that created and modified dates for address books within the segmentation query builder displayed as expected
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