Upgrade 5th February 2014 — Full launch of ROI split testing

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 5th February 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

We've fully launched our ROI split testing functionality!

Following on from the launch two weeks ago of our experimental version of our ROI split testing functionality, we're delighted to now be able to launch it fully.

We've introduced three key improvements since the last version:

  • select_ROI_marker.pngWe've given you the ability to inform the split testing tool which ROI markers
    are being tracked in a new section at the foot of the 'Site and ROI tracking page'. You can also edit and delete ROI markers from the split testing tool from there. This in turn serves to populate an easier-to-use dropdown menu of the your ROI markers when it comes to configuring your split testing options at the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' stage. If you recall, in the last version you had to manually type in and set up your markers in order to match up exactly with your ROI tracking. Not any longer!
  • Depending on the data type of your ROI marker, you have a further choice of metrics at the 'Select contacts and schedule campaign' stage. If the marker has a number data type then you can select a version winner to be measured on hits, total or average. All other data types (text, date and 'yes/no') can only be measured on the default metric of hits, as a total or an average without a number value can't possibly be applied. Also, when clicking on a different metric option, a helpful box appears providing further information on what the metric means and what it's useful for.
  • And as a more general split testing reporting improvement, you're now informed how long is left before your split testing period finishes in the reporting header.

We hope you find this a great added feature for your e-commerce requirements.

Other changes

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features:

  • We’ve fixed a bug in API v2 which was applying an account’s time zone offset to contact custom data dates and times; UTC date and time is now used throughout
  • We’ve addressed an issue which was causing exports of classic surveys to fail
  • Invoices can now be successfully generated for charges existing against deleted accounts
  • We’ve improved the performance of invoice rendering when containing a high number of campaign send events
  • We’ve rectified an issue which was causing a scheduled SMS send to fail if the related campaign was deleted
  • An issue has been fixed whereby an attempt to authorise a previously authorised IP address for a managed user was failing
  • Instances of declined payments now result in a meaningful message as opposed to generating a generic 500 error page
  • We’ve fixed a bug which was causing images to appear as if missing when previewing a template only
  • We’ve resolved a template upload issue which was being caused by a style rewriting error if the template contains two or more HEAD tags
  • We’ve now added clear notification should a triggered send fail validation at the pre-send stage (for instance, if an account doesn’t have sufficient credits)
  • We’ve fixed a bug in the program builder which, straight after an enrolment, impedes upon the scheduling of the next enrolment
  • An issue has been addressed to ensure the maximum SMS character count is validated correctly in all instances, ensuring messages do not arrive truncated
  • We’ve fixed a bug to ensure editing a contact’s Boolean data field (i.e. yes/no values) is updated as expected when refreshing the radio buttons view
  • We’ve dramatically improved the speed of paging (skip and select) on our API v2
  • We’ve fixed a bug in the ‘Find campaign’ admin tool which was incorrectly appending address books from the previous search results to the current search results; this now clears and returns the correct result set
  • We’ve fixed an issue which was preventing the viewing of contact replies within the contact activity screen
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