Upgrade 19th March 2014 — Program builder (beta) updates

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 19th March 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Updates to the program builder (beta)


You can now disable and resume enrolments in programs without deactivating them. This means that you can turn off enrolments for a program and still let contacts who are already enrolled continue to progress through.

We've also updated the interface for advanced program decisions.

See the automation section of our knowledge base for more details on using the program builder.

Re-synchronisation of shared suppressions

We’ve re-written our shared suppression list functionality to boost overall application performance. All accounts who share suppression lists will have them re-synchronised tonight. See our status page for progress information.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • It's now possible to obtain an account's locale through API v2 (using the GetAccountInfo method)
  • New permission: Managed users can now have access to the program builder turned off
  • New permission: Resellers also have the option of enabling/disabling access to the survey and forms tools
  • The Classic Editor tool to set default link colours has been retired
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • Some issues affecting inbox preview page formatting have been fixed
  • A fix has been implemented to ensure that, when test sending a version of a split test that includes a “Can't read” link, clicking on the link displays the correct version of the split test
  • It was possible to create a new segment multiple times by pressing the ‘Save & Continue’ button in quick succession; this is no longer the case
  • EasyEditor no longer removes double spaces in href attributes, something which had been breaking some links
  • The API v2 method GetContactByEmail now also returns deleted contacts, as opposed to its previous behaviour of simply throwing a ‘Contact not found’ error
  • Our geo-mapping shape selection tool now works as expected in the latest version of Chrome
  • Clicking an anchor will no longer attempt to open a page from within the campaign preview page; only hyperlinks will open pages
  • API v1 RemoveAllContactsFromAddressBook has been optimised so it no longer aborts because of timeouts
  • Some issues with localised text not displaying correctly within the application interface have been fixed
  • An email address field has been added to the pop-up in the admin console that allows users to edit the registrar details for a domain
  • Created transactional data collections that have no items can now be viewed and deleted; previously only transactional data collections with at least one item were being listed
  • When IE’s ‘high’ security mode is on, attached PDFs in campaigns can’t be viewed if users don’t support meta refresh instructions; an additional download link has now been added to the redirection page to account for this scenario
  • When copying a template for use in a microsite, image rewriting now takes place and copied images appear as expected
  • Content alignment issues affecting the ‘Print invoice’ page have been addressed; it looks better, as do PDF files generated from it
  • The performance of our geo-mapping shape selection queries has been optimised
  • Accuracy of individual send dates for split test version recipients has been optimised
  • When attempting to save a new geographical address book without a title and/or description, a helpful validation message now displays to say they are required
  • Our custom ‘from’ address purchasing tool now has an expanded list of valid countries in which the registrant can live
  • In rare situations, it was possible to have two segments that appeared to be the same but actually slightly differed. This has now been prevented and the segments will now generate the same contact counts
  • When clicking ‘Clear campaign tags’ with no campaigns selected, a helpful alert message now displays
  • Our reporting now displays the full URL of links in campaigns, and not just the path
  • A fix has been implemented for a rare scenario in which the time picker could fail for ‘English (U.S.)’ language users
  • To continue working around Gmail's image proxying from their own servers, the ‘no-cache’ header has now also been implemented
  • Despite saying segments can have a maximum of 30 rules, it was in fact only possible to have up to 29; this incorrect count has now been fixed
  • In EasyEditor, clicking on the ‘Styles’ tab no longer causes the editor to jump to top of your campaign
  • Email message-id headers no longer contain a hardcoded dotMailer string
  • A fix has been implemented for instances in which some campaigns featuring dynamic content failed to copy
  • When editing free mobile-optimised templates in EasyEditor, style sheets can now be successfully removed
  • Triggered campaigns can now be compared with other triggered campaigns in reporting
  • A helpful notification has now been added in the case of attempting to send email without sufficient prepay credits being available
  • Shared suppressed contacts can no longer be sent to in a Remail
  • A fix has been implemented to prevent test send calls throwing exceptions when the campaign has been deleted; however, this is a rare scenario
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