Upgrade 25th June 2014 — New editing abilities for deactivated programs, and 'monthly' enrolments

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotMailer on 25th June 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Program builder enhancements

We've added some extremely useful program builder improvements.

New editing abilities for deactivated programs

editable_programs.pngYou can now:

  • Remove contacts from a node in a deactivated program
  • Remove a node from, or add nodes to, a deactivated program
  • Reroute a deactivated program

Whereas previously you could only make a small number of changes to your dotMailer automation programs, you can now deactivate a program, add new steps, delete old steps, and completely reroute the program based on what you’ve learnt from using your it so far.

This change allows you to get something out of the door, see how it performs, and then learn and adapt to grow your marketing automation into something that delivers real value to your customers and to your business.

Set 'monthly' enrolments for a program

We've now added an extra 'monthly' option to enrolment scheduling. This gives you the option to choose anything from the 1st to the 31st, or last, day of the month; or you can choose the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or last Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday of every month to enrol.

Number of active programs

Your number of active programs is now displayed on the programs listing page, under 'My programs', where it also informs you of the maximum number of active programs you're allowed.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • The contact import file column mapping page now redirects back to the initial import page as opposed to erroring in certain circumstances
  • Some issues were being experienced with the successful sending of SMS messages; these have now been fixed
  • An issue has been fixed in the program builder whereby a program set to enrol off a segment couldn’t save successfully
  • As a by-product of fixing a separate issue a few weeks back, the ability to convert ‘standard’ campaigns into ‘triggered’ campaigns was removed; however, as it’s natural behaviour to want to do this, the capability has been brought back
  • Changes being made to enrolment scheduling in the program builder weren’t then being applied upon clicking ‘Apply’; this has now been fixed
  • An error was occurring when attempting to add a new question to a classic survey; this no longer happens
  • When creating a classic survey with a long name, an error would occur upon saving; this has been fixed
  • An issue in which the heat map for the geographical queries tool wasn’t working has been fixed
  • It was possible for a managed user to log in and see the main account holder’s first name in the ‘Get started’ screen, not their own, despite this being shown in the top right corner of the screen; this no longer happens
  • A modification has been implemented to ensure it’s no longer possible to import more than the maximum permitted number of domain suppressions
  • Our API v2's ‘create template’ method was in fact creating a campaign rather than a template; this has now been fixed
  • The ‘Last opened date’ was not always populated correctly against each contact, owing to clicks before openings not being registered as an open; this has been fixed
  • When setting up a classic trigger system, the timepicker was not fully 12 hour clock compatible (not recognising the difference between AM and PM); now it is
  • In billing, the current month’s activity is now shown as expected for resellers; previously this wasn’t the case due to a bug
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