Upgrade 23rd July 2014 — Add contacts in programs to address books

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 23rd July 2014 includes the following changes:

Program builder updates

Contacts who are at (or who have ever been at) a node can now be added to an address book. Additionally, programs that are activated following contact moving will now run straight-away.

Speed boosts

We've made several performance boosts, including:

  • Faster campaign saving
  • Faster overall page loading

Other improvements

  • New users now have a redesigned 'Getting started' dashboard that features our blog (and less confusing buttons)
  • Tooltips have been spring-cleaned, and we've got rid of the myriad styles that had crept in
  • The US support number is now shown alongside the UK support number
  • The final removal of custom-column sorting on tables. For users of this feature, this won't seem like an improvement, we know, but this functionality was (computationally) expensive. By not having it, we're able to speed the rest of the app up (see above).
  • And 85 other bug fixes and improvements.
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