Upgrade 10th June 2015 - Program annotations, plus domain searching re-introduced to the contacts listing page

The highlights of dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 10th June 2015 are as follows:

  • annotations_text_label.pngYou can now add helpful annotations to your programs; drag and drop the new 'Text label' program node from under 'Annotations' onto the canvas and simply type in your note. This can help to remind you what various nodes are set up to do, or quickly outline how and why a program has been constructed in a particular way, which could prove useful either to you, or a colleague who needs to make a change at a later date.

    Also, the program builder's left-hand tools panel has undergone a little makeover - it's now taller, wider and will have a separate accordion section for your program extension nodes (if you have them).
  • We've brought back the ability to search contacts by a domain in the contacts listing page. This was originally removed to improve performance. However, we've since appreciated the popularity of this function, so we've been able to modify it in order to re-introduce it.
  • Surveys embedded on HTTPS sites (either normally or as a pop-over) will now also run over HTTPS, automatically. Note that surveys with CopyKat surrounds or accessed via the default direct link will still all be HTTP for the time being. This will change in the coming weeks, so watch this space.
  • In other improvements, we've fixed just over 10 bugs
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