Upgrade 16th September 2015 - 'Edit address book' page improvements

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 16th September 2015 includes:

  • We've improved the 'Edit address book' page so it provides you with a better view and a better experience. The page is now made up of two tabs - 'Settings' and 'Suppressions'. 'Settings' contains the ability to edit the address book's visibility follows, as well as setting up a join action, unsubscribe action, join notifications and a daily summary of subscribers. Previously these were accessed by having to tick 'Show advanced options'.

    We've also banished those rather unwieldy lists of all of your triggered campaigns under 'Join/Unsubscribe action'. They've been replaced by much friendlier, scrollable, searchable dropdown lists.

    Whilst suppressions for an address book now sits as the other main tab alongside 'Settings', making it much easier to find and access.

  • 'My building blocks' now supports dragging into parent/child folders
  • Plus a number of bugs have been fixed, including Edge on Windows 10 no longer crashing when editing HTML in EasyEditor, navigation tabs no longer throw the occasional 500 error, and it's now possible to successfully include query strings within URLs when using them with advanced personalisation
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