Upgrade 3rd September 2014 — EasyEditor enhancements

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 3rd September 2014 includes the following upgrades and changes:

EasyEditor enhancements

We've introduced a few little EasyEditor improvements that we hope you'll like. These include:

  • General speed and performance improvements, so, in short, it's quicker to use!
  • manage_colours.pngA 'Manage' option on 'My colours', which means you can now remove saved colours that you no longer want! We've also capped the maximum amount of colours you can have on your swatch to 50.
  • Improved support for complex links within campaigns

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • The 'Email client breakdown' and 'Delivered emails' charts have been replaced with newer, non-Flash alternatives.
  • An extra logout option has been added to the menu that appears when mousing over 'Hi [your name]!' in the top right corner of the app
  • A 500 page error no longer occurs on the campaign details page when a split test resume time happens to be more than 24 hours away
  • Long running segments had the ability to kill scheduled sends; this has been fixed
  • When clicking ‘Help’ after a session had timed out, the login screen wasn’t appearing as expected; this issue has been fixed
  • A fix has been implemented to address a rare condition in which some suppressed contacts were still receiving email
  • When choosing to send a campaign immediately from the app, the recording of the send date and time could look inaccurate if the user delayed for a long time on the fifth and final campaign step page; this issue has now been fixed
  • An issue has been fixed in relation to a 500 error page being thrown when editing a classic survey’s properties
  • Our redesign, which was launched on 9th July, still had some minor layout and display issues which have now been fixed
  • A calculation issue has been rectified in which the conversion funnel percentages in reporting weren’t matching the corresponding tabular data; this now works correctly
  • The link encoder in EasyEditor was causing some issues with links not working but it has now been fixed
  • The header length of our emails has been increased due to previous wrapping causing the Gmail unsubscribe functionality to break
  • In EasyEditor, document upload wasn’t working for IE9; this has now been fixed
  • Some incorrect pluralisation on the ‘Change your password’ screen has been corrected
  • Managed users without the template administrator permission enabled couldn’t select a new template from the templates library, they only preview it and then select it; this has now been fixed
  • In EasyEditor, attempting to change the colour of a block that’s been removed using Ctrl + Z caused the colour picker to break; this can no longer happen
  • After a previous fix, admin users were still sometimes getting an error page when they stopped impersonating another account; this is no longer the case
  • A fix has been implemented for issues with creating a new dynamic subject line or friendly from name variation
  • The SMS importer has been optimised to be able to upload and import greater numbers of contacts
  • Google Analytics users with no profile set up now receive a helpful pop-up message when selecting the default option, as opposed to an unhelpful error page
  • When attempting to send a campaign from the campaign summary page that would exceed the account’s send limit, a helpful message is now displayed; previously no information was given and the page would just refresh
  • The ability to sort contacts by ‘Opt-in type’ and ‘Email type’ has been removed, as this was breaking contact list paging
  • The ‘Suppressed contacts’ page was formatting ‘Date removed’ according to language/culture but wasn’t converting the date and time according to the time zone; this has been fixed
  • When setting a specific time along with a specific date for a delay node for a program, the time wasn’t being stored and triggered campaigns could send at the wrong time: this has now been fixed
  • A translation issue affecting the layout of the program builder’s time picker area has been fixed
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