Upgrade 21st January 2015 - Channel extensions

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 21st January 2015 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Channel extensions

5716879_automation.pngYou can now use other tools and services in programs via our new channel extensions. To get you going, you can send SMSs (via Dynmark, Twilio or dotmailer itself) and create leads in Salesforce accounts. You can also write your own extension to do pretty much anything. If you’re interested in having these enabled on your account, please let us know

New program builder nodes

We have a selection of new nodes available in the program builder: you can now create random splits, competition splits, quantity splits, address book subscriptions, program enrolments, make decisions based on dates and times, update contact data fields, and even add additional exit rules.

Send time optimisation

Send time optimisation is now available to all (many thanks to our beta testers over the last few months). It takes the pain out of deciding when the best time to send is, as we do all the hard work for you. Read the documentation.

Mobile responsive surveys

Our beta period for mobile responsive surveys is also now over, and all users across all surveys (old and new) will work on and adapt to all screen sizes.

Partial survey completions

We now store incomplete (or partial) responses to your surveys. Reports will show data for respondents who started a survey but didn't complete it, meaning you can re-engage with them, or even identify (and solve) problem areas in your surveys. 

WebInsight improvements

Visitors can now be identified through forms and not just campaign links, and pages can now pass over custom tags for us to store (which can then be used for segmentation).


New to our range of Insight modules is SocialInsight, which will look up socially-inspired information on your contacts, and store it within your account. If you’ve ever wanted to find out who your influencers are or see what your contacts are saying socially about your brand, then get in touch.

Change to how external dynamic content URLs which don't return data are handled 

It used to be the case that if a request for external dynamic content for a contact returned no content (the HTTP 204 status code), the whole send would then stop. Now though the contact is skipped and sending to the rest of the contacts continues. This skip is recorded and your report overview for the campaign will contain an 'Email skipped' section.

Updated Magento connector 

We've added segmentation and loyalty points support for Magento Enterprise, external dynamic content styling, dynamic URLs, multiple subscription support, basket synchronisation for Insight data, and Feefo integration. Read the blog.

Updated Salesforce connector

We’ve added the ability for you to view survey responses, WebInsight data and SocialInsight data right inside the CRM. Plus, you’ll be able to view all the engagements made by contacts and add contacts to programs.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • Choose ‘friendly’ reply-to addresses (that use your custom from address), if reply tracking isn’t what you’re after
  • Additional actions have been added to the ‘More actions’ menu on the 'My reports' page for more convenience, including 'Compare performance'
  • Throttled (spread) send settings are now shown for a campaign in reporting, alongside 'Campaign type'
  • A link to our status page is now included in the footer of the application, under 'Get help'
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
  • The dependency listing page no longer errors when your account has a corrupt dependency
  • Automatic name generation wasn’t working correctly for the program builder’s ‘Decision’ node; it does again now
  • An issue in which a 404 error occurs in the reporting section has been fixed
  • A problem with dynamic content compilation within campaigns, which in turn could lead to sending issues, has been fixed
  • Previously any user could edit/cancel ReMails without the required permission needed to do so; this has been fixed
  • A minor display issue has been fixed in Firefox and Safari in which folder counts weren’t properly aligning with folder names
  • An intermittent issue has been fixed in EasyEditor in which line spacing could behave a little erratically when editing text
  • A missing icon for the ‘Add or remove social networks/social links’ option in EasyEditor has been reinstated
  • There was a display issue concerning campaign folders when accessing the ‘Unsent’ tab from another section of the application; this has been resolved 
  • The program node statistics tooltip was using browser locale settings and not account user locale settings, which was incorrect; this has been fixed 
  • An oversized sorting arrow within the segment builder interface has been appropriately resized 
  • Importing an EasyEditor template was resulting in being taken to the classic editor; this no longer happens
  • An issue has been fixed in which campaigns were deemed to have too many dynamic content blocks when they were in fact under the limit
  • In Google Chrome, large images in Image manager were not fitting on the screen; they do now
  • An issue has been fixed in which campaigns with external dynamic content couldn’t be copied
  • The ‘Date sent’ in the contact activity report wasn’t correctly configured to an account’s time zone setting; this has been fixed
  • The keyword clicks export wasn't including custom data; it does now
  • There were some issues with classic survey question dependencies not being removed upon classic survey deletion; these have been rectified 
  • Australian mobile phone numbers were not being accepted by the system; they are now
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