Upgrade 7th January 2015 - Link tracking changes for improved link click reporting, program builder enhancements, and more

Scheduled maintenance and upgrade for dotmailer on 7th January 2015 includes the following upgrades and changes:

Link tracking changes for improved link click reporting (including external dynamic content link tracking)

link_tracking.pngA number of changes have been to the way in which link clicks are now tracked, including the introduction of link grouping. This means you can attach an individual link to membership of a defined group or multiple groups (e.g., a campaign with links to holiday destinations such as Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria could have a link group of 'Egypt', and also 'Africa').

Link grouping can also be used with external dynamic content links, meaning you can once again track your external dynamic content in this way.

It all equates to improved overall link click reporting, as well as ever more powerful segmentation capabilities.

The key features and changes are as follows:

Link tracking in 'Site analytics'

  • New option to add Google Analytics tracking
  • Ability to edit Google Analytics values
  • Ability to add custom tracking values, including adding data field personalisation
  • A combination of both custom and Google Analytics values can be used
  • Note: when adding/editing/removing values, a campaign's links are only changed once the campaign is saved again

Link grouping

  • Add link groups to links in campaigns (these are added essentially in the form of tags, such as the 'Egypt' or 'Africa' examples used above)
  • Autocomplete for previously used groups
  • Add link groups to external dynamic content blocks in campaigns


  • 'Links' table at the foot of a campaign's reporting overview page can be filtered based on a link group
  • Includes links within an external dynamic content block that are part of a link group
  • Click the 'Interaction' graph to access a view of clicks per link group

Segmentation on 'Clicks'

  • 'Clicks' now has two initial dropdowns, with the first dropdown allowing a choice of 'For any campaign', 'For selected campaigns' and 'Specific links'
  • 'For any campaign' has additional options in the following dropdown of 'They have/have not clicked specific link groups'; the link group/s can then be selected
  • Set the parameters for the number of times the link group or groups have been clicked
  • Set the parameters for the time range in which the link group clicking has happened

To highlight an example of the extra power these changes provide, consider the potential use for a travel agent. Let's say they're looking to make the most of their current value deals on holidays to Egypt. They can segment on contacts who have clicked 10 times or more in the last three months on campaign links under the 'Egypt' link group. The travel agent can be pretty sure these are good prospects given their recurring interest, and so can capitalise by enrolling the contacts via the segment into a program promoting the relevant deals.

Program builder enhancements (beta) 

A couple of program builder enhancements have been released as beta features (they will need to be enabled in 'Account settings' by the main account holder by ticking 'Enable program beta features', if this hasn't been done already):

Quantity splits (to send X amount of contacts down one route and all other contacts down a different route)

Use 'Quantity splits' to create a split in a program that will send the first X amount of contacts down a specified route and the rest down another. For example, it can be used when you're running a program that involves a competition element and you want the first 1000 contacts who click on a certain link in a campaign to win a prize.

If more than 1000 contacts were to hit the node at the same time, then the winning 1000 would be taken at random.

Add contacts to other programs

'Subscription' already allows you to add and remove contacts from address books. It now also enables you to add them into your other programs. For example, use it in a welcome program when you want contacts to then get added into to your lead nurturing program upon reaching the end of it.

Retirement of classic triggers and classic surveys

We've now retired classic triggers and classic surveys. Neither tool is available any longer and has been removed from the application interface.

All classic surveys have ceased to work, whilst all historical data should have been downloaded prior to today's retirement date if it was required (you will have received prior notification of this).

All classic triggers have now been converted to new-style programs, and will continue to run. They have been created within new folders (based on the trigger runs).

Support for partial completion of surveys and forms (beta)

We now support and store partial completion of surveys and forms (first page save). This allows you to re-engage with respondents who started, but didn't finish, a survey. It also means you can identify the common dropout points of a survey, so they can be improved and fixed for better response rates.

Both complete and partial responses can be viewed in the 'Reponses' tab of survey reporting.

Please note: this must be enabled by ticking on 'Enable beta features' under 'Settings' for surveys and forms.

Retirement of LeadVision

We've also now retired LeadVision. There were no plans to continue to support or develop it in the future, so it has been switched off.

Other improvements

We've also upgraded and tweaked several other features including:

  • In EasyEditor, some styling issues have been fixed
  • The status of scheduled campaigns when placed within a campaign folder were not loading correctly; this has been fixed
  • Some fields wouldn’t accept dates in the month of March, when editing contacts whilst in a Spanish locale; they do now
  • It was possible for white label survey settings to get overwritten and get directed to a ‘server not found’ page; this has now been prevented
  • The tooltip in the outbox was incorrectly showing the initial send time instead of the final send time for winning versions of split test campaigns; this has been fixed
  • In EasyEditor, no colours were displaying in the ‘Colours in this campaign’ window that pops up when clicking on ‘Colour’ in the ‘Styles’ > ‘Borders & padding’ tab; this has been fixed
  • When creating a new campaign, attempting to add a variation for a dynamic subject line and/or from name wasn’t working; it does again now
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