Changes to dotmailer segment refreshes — Wednesday 1 October 2014

On Wednesday 1 October 2014, we will be changing the way that segments refresh in dotmailer.

What's changing?

  • Segments will now only refresh when manually requested to do so
  • You will be able to schedule a segment refresh with a scheduled send


Why is this changing?

Until now we've had an odd mix of some segments automatically refreshing every time a contact is edited, and others not. If you created an automatically refreshing segment and checked its membership, you would need to convert it to an address book if you wanted to be sure it wouldn't change.

This change gives you more control over when segments refresh, and makes them more predictable, although it is a change from the way you may be used to segments behaving.

What about other segments?

Segments are also used in tools such as Triggers, and the Program Builder. Segments used for automation will continue to refresh automatically at the appropriate time.

This is all part of our improving the segmentation and automation capabilities and ensuring the data in dotmailer is available when you need it.

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