Create an email campaign


Creating a new campaign is easy, and you'll see several places in the platform where you can do this.

Creating a new campaign

To create a campaign, you can either: 

    • go to Campaigns > New campaign in the navigation bar

    • or you can click on New email campaign from under 'Content' on the dashboard

    • or, if you're in the 'My campaigns' screen which lists your campaigns, you can click on New campaign


By dragging the scrollbar, you can move through the templates until you come to one that suits your proposed campaign layout. Remember - all of these templates can be edited.

To see a template in more detail, mouse over the template and click on the Preview icon.

CP_campaign_preview.pngWhen ready, click on Select to create a brand new campaign based on the selected template.


Creating a new campaign from your templates

Another way is to select Campaigns > My templates.

If you have them, preloaded templates will be displayed within the main area of the screen.


Want to add a template?

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