Adding a user

Seeing the 'Your team' option?

This means you're a top account owner and you don't belong to any other account. In this case, go to Managing your team to read about adding a user.


You're able to add extra users to the system under the control of your account, enabling you to manage them and ascribe them various permissions. This is useful to allow a number of people within your team to use one centrally managed account without having to sign up for multiple full accounts.


You can add new users only if you are an account owner or if you are a user with the 'Can manage account' permission.

Adding a user

To add users to the system, click on the person-and-cog icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to produce the settings menu. Select the Access option.


The screen displayed will detail any users with access to the system.


Click on the New user button to display the screen that allows you to add a new user's email address and set their permissions.

For more information on the permissions, mouse over the available tooltips.


When happy with the settings, click on the Save button.

You will be informed that the added user has been sent an invite to join your account.


They will need to click on the link in the email they receive within 24 hours and complete the details they're asked to provide, after which they will be displayed in your list of users.

If an invite expires, you can re-invite the user again.

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    When adding a User to an account I still find it strange that if I am trying to add a User that already has their email address associated with another Child Account (we are a White Labelled client) that in order to add them to additional accounts I have to know their password otherwise I can't add them!  The only workaround to this is to give the User the master login credentials for the Child Account (not desirable) and for them to add themselves.

    Can the Manage Users section not be changed so that you don't have to know the user's password to add them?  Alternatively can an administrator not be given ability to 'Add Existing User' which triggers an automatic email to that users email address requesting that they accept being added to XYZ Child Account?

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    These instructions are outdated and we are having to use workarounds. Can it be at least updated?

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    Trying to add another user. This section seems inconsistent with the current interface. Are we missing something? Can't find the manage users option to add our developer.

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    Hi Gordon,

    Thanks for flagging this up. Yes, unfortunately this article is out of date and the current interface no longer looks as presented above. We will update this article as soon as we can.

    Manage_users.png In the meantime, please go to 'My account' in the top right hand corner and select 'Manage users' from the drop down.

    You will then see you have a choice of adding a 'Standard' and/or 'API' user.


    Click on 'Add Account' in the 'Standard' tab to access the screen to enter the new user's details and select their permissions. Once this is done, click 'Save' and your new user will be listed under your standard managed users.

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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    Hi, I am trying to set up an API key and am trying to follow the steps above, but falling at the first hurdle. I am not even seeing the "My account" button in the top right next to the "Help" button. All I have in the top right are these options:  ' Hi Will!'  ' Help'  ' Logout'  ' Chat to support'. What am I missing here?

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    Hi Will,

    I believe this is because the menu interface has changed.  If you click the down arrow next to "Hi Will" you can select the "Manage Users" option.  If that option isn't listed you need to login using the master/primary account



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    Hi Jon, 

    Thanks for coming back so quickly yesterday. Today I have tried logging in with what I believe to be the master/primary account but I am only seeing the same options I had before. Is there a way that I can easily find out which account will be the master/primary one?

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    Hi Matt,

    Unfortunately we are only a reseller so your best bet is to contact dotMailer's support team who I'm sure will be happy to help!



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    I noticed there's a new option to allow people permission 'to manage account' - what will this mean? Can they approve campaigns?

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    Hi Lisa,

    Well spotted! There was a new permission type that was briefly available ahead of its time (you'll see that it's since been removed). This permission type will be a part of some new account settings coming shortly - details to follow on that in due course.


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    A colleague has left, and added me to the account before he did. However, I've gone to remove him as a user but can't see any of these options to manage users. Are there different level of users (ie is there a reason I can't see it as an option)?

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    Hi Deborah,

    I believe you have to be logged in as the main account holder. I'm sure your Account Manager can tell you what this is if you're not sure and you can always reset the password for this account if you don't know it.

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    after creating a new managed user, it would be useful see it under users list with status = pending/waiting for confirmation or smth. Otherwise it's not possible to know who got the invitation. Especially when you create accounts for many users (e.g. for entire marketing team), the existing solution creates a bit mess.


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    Hi Kristjan,

    Thanks for your feedback, and I can see where you're coming from. I'd recommend raising this as a feature request in our 'Community' section -

    If other users agree, then they can vote for your suggestion. The more votes it gets, the more chance it has of making it into our future feature enhancement and development plans.