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We're retiring Surveys & forms

On 5 July 2021, Surveys & forms will be retired. You can continue to create surveys, forms, and even landing pages with our newer, easier-to-use and more flexible Pages and forms tool.

No need to panic - your existing surveys and forms will continue to work even after this date. Now is a great time to start building using the Pages and forms tool.

Learn more about the Surveys & forms retirement


The 'My surveys & forms' tab is your index for recent surveys, where you can access, edit and manage them.

Once you've created your survey, this is where you go to schedule and share it.

Using the 'My surveys and forms' tab

From here, you can rename your survey, as well as click on the Preview, Duplicate or Delete icons to perform those actions.

You can sort your surveys by either 'Last modified', 'Name' or 'Survey state' and you can also access your reports by clicking on the Reports icon.


The number or surveys completed is shown in the left-hand square, and the colour of the square indicates the status of your survey:

  • Red: inactive
  • Amber: pending
  • Green: active

Manage your survey by clicking on it in the list. It will expand to show further options.


You'll see a snapshot of the last seven days' responses in graph form (or a shorter time period if there isn't yet seven days' worth of data).

Click on Edit to access your survey and make changes.

From here you're also able to click on the Schedule and Share options.

Scheduling your survey

Click on Schedule to choose your confirmation, address book, scheduling and multiple responses options.

Confirmation options

Once the user has completed their survey you have the option of either displaying a message, redirecting them to your website or redirecting them to a landing page.


To display a message, click the radio button and enter your desired title and message. If the fields are left blank, the title and message will default to 'Confirmation' and 'Thank you for completing this survey' respectively.

Alternatively you can redirect to your website or a landing page rather than display a message.

Click on the Redirect to your website radio button and enter the desired URL in the field that appears below it.


Click on the Redirect to a landing page radio button and select the landing page from the dropdown that you'd like to redirect to.


You can also choose to have an email sent to the email address of your choice by checking the 'Send email' box, alerting you to the completion of each response. Upon doing this, 'Include the response' will appear below and will be ticked by default, meaning the contents of a survey will be included in your response email notification. If you've mapped an email address element in your survey to your email contact data field then you can also send an email notification to the respondent (either as a triggered campaign, which can be selected from a dropdown after selecting the appropriate radio button, or as a new message), again with their response included. Including the response is useful as it allows you and your respondents to quickly reference the information that has been supplied. Make sure these boxes are not ticked if you don't want this additional information supplied, however.

Choosing respondent options

You can choose which of your address books that you'd like your respondents to be added to, or to be updated within, as well as selecting a program to enrol them into, when they complete your survey. Your survey will need to at least have an email address element that's assigned to the email contact data field for this to work.

You can either choose All contacts or select an existing address book. Alternatively, you can add a new one by clicking on Create a new address book.

To enrol respondents into a program once they've submitted a completed survey, tick Also enrol them onto: to enable the dropdown and then select the program you'd like to enrol them onto. Program need to be in an active state to appear in this list. 


The benefit of enrolling respondents into a program via the surveys and forms tool is that it happens in near real time, as opposed to waiting until the program's next scheduled enrolment cycle (by default, our programs enrol once a day). We say near real time because the process may be subject to a small delay as we batch contacts for enrolment into the program. Normally we'd expect the first email send in a program to be sent within five minutes of submitting a survey, but it can take between one and 15 minutes.


Now you are ready to activate your survey, you can either select to activate immediately, schedule a specific start and expiry date, or mark your survey as inactive.

As a default, scheduling is set to Immediately within the Start field.


To schedule a start and expiry date, click on the Start field to produce a dropdown and select From a specific date. The section will expand to display the scheduling fields. Select your start date and time and you can also enter the text you wish to display prior to your survey starting. If no text is entered it will default to read 'Pending' as a title and 'This survey is not due to start yet. Please check back again soon' as the message.

Similarly, to schedule the expiration date and time for your survey, click on the End field to produce a dropdown and select On specific date. This section will expand to enable you to select an expiry date and time, meaning your survey will only be live within this window of time. Again, you can also enter the text you wish to display once the survey has expired. If no text is entered it will default to read 'Expired' as a title and 'This survey has now expired' as the message.


If you wish to schedule the start of your survey but let it remain active indefinitely, then leave the End field as Never.

To make your survey inactive, select the Inactive radio button. Again, you can enter the text you wish to display whilst your survey is inactive. If no text is entered it will default to read 'Inactive' as a title and 'This survey is not active at present. Maybe you're too late or "the switch" hasn't been flicked yet' as the message.

Multiple responses

There are two modes for survey submission:

  • Respondents can complete the survey once only - By default, surveys can only be completed once per user; this reduces the chance of getting duplicate data. When a user comes back to the same survey from the same computer, they will see the 'Thank you for completing this survey' message.
  • Respondents can complete the survey multiple times - There are many reasons why you might want a survey to be restarted and submitted multiple times (perhaps you are using it as a form on your website, or have a series of users sharing a computer).

To switch between these two modes, simply select the appropriate Once only or Multiple times radio button.


Click Save to save your scheduling settings.

Confirmation of your survey scheduling

The expanded survey view will now show in the schedule box that the survey is pending, along with details of the scheduling period that has been set.


If no scheduling period has been applied and the survey is set to be active immediately, then the view will show the 'Active since' date or time.


If you set your survey to inactive, the date it has been inactive since will be displayed.


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