Surveys and forms tool FAQs

We're retiring Surveys & forms

On 5 July 2021, Surveys & forms will be retired. You can continue to create surveys, forms, and even landing pages with our newer, easier-to-use and more flexible Pages and forms tool.

No need to panic - your existing surveys and forms will continue to work even after this date. Now is a great time to start building using the Pages and forms tool.

Learn more about the Surveys & forms retirement

My trial has expired - what happens to my surveys?

Don't worry, your surveys are safe. When your trial expires we set them as inactive, so users won't be able to fill them in.

When you upgrade your account, the surveys will be automatically reactivated and you can start using them straightaway.

Are surveys compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, surveys work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Surveys are also mobile responsive, so they'll dynamically adapt to the screen your respondents view them on.

The tool itself also works on mobile devices, although some aspects of the survey editor won't work on touchscreen devices. 

Will my surveys automatically display well, whatever device they’re viewed on?

Yes, they will. All surveys and forms are responsive by default. They work and display well on any device.

How do I export my data?

Survey responses can be exported to a CSV file, and email addresses in responses can be added to address books for future marketing. See our article on handling survey responses for more information.

See also the Survey reporting article.

Who can CopyKat a page on my site?

When a new CopyKat surround is created, the user has to confirm they have permission to perform this action on the URL they've entered. Additionally, our standard terms and conditions explicitly state that our users must have permission to create CopyKat surrounds from the URLs they enter.

Pages on some websites (such as those of banks and building societies) are not possible to use as surrounds. We've done this to reduce the risk of CopyKat aiding phishing and other security-related attacks. If you'd like to ensure no page on your site can be used as a CopyKat surround, email us and we'll happily add your site to our block list.

Conversely, if you own a site that's on the block list and want it removed, please contact us. Proof of ownership will be required.

Are my surveys and forms secure?

Wherever possible, surveys will run over HTTPS. However, depending on how the survey has been shared, this may not be possible.

The situations in which surveys won't run over HTTPS are when:

  • the survey is running in a CopyKat surround based on a page which wasn't running over HTTPS
  • the survey is embedded in a site that isn't running over HTTPS
  • the survey is running as a pop-over on a site that's not running over HTTPS

You don't need to do anything to a survey to make it run in the right mode - it's automatic.

How can I be sure that my survey responses were made by humans?

If we detect that a user has completed multiple surveys from the same IP address, we call this response a suspect response. To reduce the number of suspect responses, we provide these types of users with a CAPTCHA, and we accept their responses only if they successfully complete it.


To enable the CAPTCHA for your surveys, go to your account settings and in the 'Survey features' section, tick 'Detect and reduce suspect responses' and click Save settings.


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