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Learn what you can do in the Pages and form area and how to manage your pages.


As you create pages, they appear in the Pages and forms area. From here, you can view, delete, search for, preview, and edit them. Go to Pages and forms in the Channel menu to see them. 

Manage your pages 

Your pages are listed with details that include the name, last modified by, status, date created, date modified, edit, and preview.

With pages, you can do the following:

  • Create a new page by selecting New page or form. This takes you to the Choose a template area where you can choose one of the suggested templates. You can also select the Custom templates tab to choose one of your own templates. In this area, you can select Upload template to upload a new template.

    To learn more about creating a page, check out the Create a page article.

  • Delete a page by selecting the check box next to the page name, and then select Delete. This also deletes any reporting for the selected pages.
  • Select a check box next to a page name, and then select the More actions drop-down menu to move a page to a different folder, rename or copy the page.
  • Search your pages by entering part or all of the name in the Search box.
  • Edit a page by selecting the Pencil icon. This takes you to EasyEditor.

    To learn more about editing a page, check out the Design a page with EasyEditor article.

  • Preview a page by selecting the Eye icon.
  • Change the display of the Pages and forms area by selecting Display.

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