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If you wish to make use of Dotdigital's site and ROI tracking feature for your store, you will need to enable it here. This will ensure the relevant code is added to the correct page templates and the relevant reporting will then show within Dotdigital on future sends.

Enable site and ROI tracking

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Select Configuration and then click on the Tracking section.

2. Select Yes for 'ROI Tracking Enabled' and/or 'Page Tracking Enabled' from the dropdown selectors.


3. Select Save Config in the top right. Magento will confirm that the settings have been saved.

Checking page tracking is working

You can check page tracking has been added by right-clicking on your site, viewing the page source and then using Ctrl+F to look for ''. If it's found, you'll know it's been enabled.

You can then confirm tracking is working by looking at the report for a sent campaign that you know has had clicks after enabling tracking, and you should be able to see a statistic against 'Page views'.

Default ROI values

We send the following ROI values as default:

  • CheckOutAmount - Total value of order
  • Product - Name of each product within an order


Why can't I find '' in my website's page source?

This could be because tracking isn't enabled. Double-check that it definitely is.

It could also be because pages on your site are cached. Ensure any cache on your site's pages is cleared first and then look again.

Why is there no ROI tracking showing in Dotdigital?

Page tracking must also be enabled along with ROI tracking for ROI tracking to work, so double-check this is the case.

Please also bear in mind that ROI tracking will only show in Dotdigital if your campaign has definitely received clicks and, furthermore, that these clicks have definitely led to orders. Without this, you will correctly see no ROI tracking in reporting, so it's best to make sure of these facts first.

What currency is the ROI value sent in?

Dotdigital has no concept of currency, which means the numerical value sent as part of ROI tracking is the value the purchaser saw during checkout.

Please comment underneath with any further questions you may have.

Magento 2.0

The above also applies for Magento 2.0, with the only difference being that the the 'Tracking' enablement section is found by going to Stores > Configuration > DOTMAILER > Configuration.

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