Data syncing: Getting started - Magento 1


The Engagement Cloud for Magento connector synchronises your contact data to three different address books for three different types of users of your site - customers, subscribers, and guests.

How data synchronisation works

As explained in the 'General - Getting started' article, this process works by contacts being batched from the Engagement Cloud email_contact tables and inserted into the email_importer. From there, the importer cron processes all batched data from the importer and sends it to your Engagement Cloud account.

Before any synchronisation can begin, however, you'll need to create these address books in your Engagement Cloud account so they can be selected and mapped to from within the connector. 

In addition to setting up address books, you will want to create and map contact data fields too. This is simply the mapping process enabling us to sync Magento data to contact data fields you have created in Engagement Cloud. The articles in this section explain how.


Everyone is synchronised, including contacts who decide to unsubscribe from your store. Therefore, to be clear, such unsubscribed contacts will be removed from your Magento subscribers address book only; their status will remain as subscribed in your Engagement Cloud account.


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