dotmailer for Magento v6.1.0 release

dotmailer for Magento v6.1.0 now available

You can now get the latest version of dotmailer for Magento. Enhancements and fixes include:

  • Fixed incorrect working of store level abandoned cart management: Selecting a store level within configuration allowed a user to set up store-specific cart abandonment. This wasn’t correct behaviour and as a result the store level settings wouldn't work. You can now set store-level cart abandonment and it will work correctly.
  • Fixed incorrect creation of subscriber_updated within the importer: Once an import was completed, we fetched a fault file from dotmailer of suppressed contacts in their dotmailer account. We updated these contacts in the Magento core subscribers table, but as a result this triggered subscriber_updated and then added the contact to email_importer, which obviously then failed as the contact is suppressed. We no longer trigger subscriber_updated when we are updating from the fault file.
  • Fixed multiline exclusion rules issue: If you had an exclusion rule stopping cart abandonment or review emails and it contained more than one rule, then it wasn't working. It works correctly now.
  • Fixed customer enrolment on non-account creation pages: If someone registered for a customer account during the checkout process, this didn’t fire the required event to enrol the new customer into the automation program. As a result we were only creating enrolments for new customers via the new account creation page. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed JSON being incompatible when adding attribute values: As default we were sending order data with an empty value for custom attributes, then if/when you add some to the sync it tried to send this data as a list and that caused a JSON incompatibility issue. To resolve this, custom attributes are no longer sent if they aren't selected, and are created as a list once selected to resolve this.
  • A 'default option' has been added to selection choices: In configuration, when selecting order status/attributes to be included in the syncs, there wasn’t an option to select 'null'. A 'default option' now appears in each selection box to allow this.
  • Fixed date/time format issue in JSON data requests: Some values sent within JSON, such as purchased_date, were being sent as a string instead of date/time. As a result it wasn’t possible to perform date/time segmentation or automation based on these values. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed automation enrolment per website: If your site had multiple websites and you had different programs set up for each website, these settings were being ignored. We batched enrolments by status and type and ignored the website, meaning they all enrolled into the same default settings program. This no longer happens.
  • Fixed the dashboard failing to display with aggregated data (beta) enabled: If you had this functionality enabled on your Magento site, our dashboard had been failing to load. This has been fixed.
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