01 Aug 2018 - 18three: New in program builder - push notifications, automation safety and more

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 1 August 2018 includes:

Launch of dotmailer18three

We're excited to announce the release of dotmailer 18three.

Read the full breakdown of 18three's release...

Today's changes include:

New program messaging channel: Push notification

We're delighted to launch push notifications as a new program messaging channel. You can create a profile for this channel in 'Channel management' and use the push notification node in your programs to enagage with your contacts through their mobile devices.

You'll need an app and an app developer to help you set up the channel, but after the setup is complete, sending push notifications is as easy as dragging and dropping a new node onto the canvas, entering your message, and clicking Activate.


Read about using the push notification channel:

Fresh lick of pixels 

We've given the nodes in the program builder new colours to make it easier for you to glance at a program and understand what it's doing.

You'll also find that we've removed the subscription node, and replaced it with two separate nodes: Add contact and remove contact. If your existing programs used the subscription node, it'll now be replaced by one of these new nodes, depending on the action that the subscription node was set up to do.


Salesforce connector v2.41.5 release

We've released the latest version of our Salesforce connector, which fixes a bug that caused the package version number 2.41.3 to be displayed in the Salesforce org instead of 2.41.4.

Other improvements

  • The option to embed signup forms on Facebook has been retired, as per our advanced communication. Facebook signup buttons will continue to work (and are generally a much better way to promote signups from Facebook).
  • Each send from the Facebook Messenger channel now costs one email credit, which is automatically deducted from your account
  • Guests on your ecommerce websites can now be sent abandoned cart emails
  • The latest translations of the user interface are now live
  • Plus over 30 bug fixes
View the dotmailer roadmap to see what we're currently working on, and what's coming up »
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