General: API credentials - Magento 2

Multiple Environments

A separate set of credentials should be used for your live and staging sites.


To enable the Engagement Cloud for Magento connector to communicate with your Engagement Cloud account and allow data synchronisation, you will need to enter valid Engagement Cloud API credentials.

Entering your API credentials

  1. Log in to your Engagement Cloud account and mouse over the person-and-cog icon in the lower-left corner. A settings menu appears; click Access > API users, and create a new API user.
  2. Return to your Magento admin panel and go to STORES > Configuration > ENGAGEMENT CLOUD > Accounts

  3. Enter the credentials (username and password) of the API user you just created.

    Note: Make sure that you enter your credentials correctly.
  4. Click Save Config. A confirmation message will tell you that the credentials are valid and that the configuration has been saved.


Why are my API credentials showing as red and not working?

  • You may not be entering the correct API credentials:
    Double-check the API credentials you're using are correct, and that you've entered them without a mistake. If, after double-checking, the problem persists despite the fact that you think you're using the correct details, we'd recommend deleting the API user and creating a new one just to make absolutely sure.
  • The API user may not be enabled within Engagement Cloud:
    Ensure that the user is enabled before continuing.

After saving the API credentials, the 'Enabled' drop-down displays as 'No' and the details aren't saved. Why is this?

Sometimes the Magento admin panel caches previous details and is unable to save new ones. It which case, it is worth opening the Magento admin panel in a new session/browser and trying again.

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