Upgrade 9 May 2018 - Launch of dotmailer 18two

dotmailer's scheduled maintenance and upgrade for 9 May 2018 includes:

Launch of dotmailer18two

We're excited to announce the release of dotmailer 18two.

Read a full rundown on 18two »

Today's changes include:

New program channel extensions: Facebook Audience and Google AdWords

We're delighted to launch Facebook Audience and Google AdWords as new program channel extensions. You can create profiles for these channels in 'Channel management' (a new option available in your account settings menu) and use them in your programs to add contacts to your audiences, boost your re-targeting efforts and help optimise your advert campaign spend.


Read about using Facebook Audience and Google AdWords channel extensions:

Triggered SMS in programs

We've also launched 'Triggered SMS' as an automated channel. You can create a profile and automate SMS sends in your programs using the 'Send SMS' node, making the most of SMS's high deliverability and engagement rates.

Read about using 'Triggered SMS':

Channel management

As mentioned above, there's a new option in the account settings menu called 'Channel management'. This is where you can manage all of your various channels, create and manage their associated profiles, and view usage statistics for all of them.

Commerce Flow improvements

  • Double opt-in can now be enforced so that new subscribers will be double verified
  • When connecting a store, non-subscribed contacts no longer get synced

dotmailer for Magento v2.5.1 release

You can now get the latest version of dotmailer for Magento 2, which includes:


  • Users can now import only those Magento contacts who've opted-in (customer subscribers, guest subscribers, and other subscribers)
  • Users now get warned when they're about to sync non-subscribers into their dotmailer account


  • We've fixed the catalog sync so it now syncs all products across all created collections when it's configured to sync on store level
  • We’ve changed validation for new subscribers so that it's no longer possible for them to get enrolled multiple times into the new subscriber program
  • We've fixed occurrences of unexpected errors during subscriber and/or customer creation

Salesforce connector v2.41.2 release

We've released the latest version of our Salesforce connector, which fixes a bug that stopped R2 accounts and Salesforce organisations with a US locale from saving an email campaign after editing it.

Other improvements

  • We now partner with Google to use BigQuery as our large-scale data storage framework (running 'under the hood', so to speak), meaning vastly superior power and speed when it comes to processing and analysing your large datasets
  • We now partner with a new provider - Email on Acid - for inbox tests, meaning faster tests and on a wider variety of devices and software. Read more in Using the inbox and spam filter test.
  • The same JSON display format as used for contacts' Insight data is now also used for AccountInsight
  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented
  • Plus over 30 bug fixes
View the dotmailer roadmap to see what we're currently working on, and what's coming up »
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