07 Nov 2018 - 18four: Marketing preferences and product recommendations are here!

Just in time - 18four is here!

Our final release for 2018 has now landed. Just in time to help during the busiest months of the year for marketers and merchants.

Marketing preferences

You can now make use of marketing preferences to store exactly what your contacts like - and thus what they want to hear about from you, helping you to improve their targeting and the effectiveness of your communications. Under Contacts > Marketing preferences, you can set up and manage as many preferences as you like, and categorise them, with just a few clicks.


Marketing preferences can be used in conjunction with many different aspects of the platform.

These include:

  • Segmenting on preferences
  • Sending a campaign to preferences
  • Using preferences in a signup form (our signup form creator has been revamped, by the way)
  • Using preferences in the default preference centre (again, the default preference centre has been improved)
  • Using preferences in a survey via the 'Marketing preferences' element
  • Uploading contacts in bulk with preferences
  • Using preferences in combination with ConsentInsight
  • Exporting contact preferences
  • Using preferences in the program builder
  • Using preferences in advanced personalisation
  • Viewing their preferences' popularity in account reports
Read more about using marketing preferences.

Plus there are 13 new API operations/methods in REST/SOAP for marketing preferences. You can find these over in our developer hub.

Product recommendations

We've launched our much anticipated product recommendation builder! Users who are syncing product and/or store data with us can now make use of this powerful feature to insert dynamic product content into their campaigns and/or landing pages, as well as harness the power of AI with personalised product recommendations.


Powered by Insight data, we currently offer four types of product recommendations (but with more to come):

  • Best sellers
  • Most viewed
  • Trending
  • Personalised (powered by our hybrid machine learning model)

Once built using our recommendation builder, they're then available as blocks in EasyEditor and landing pages to drag and drop.

We have launched the product recommendation builder with a set of headline-worthy supporting features. Product data enrichment is powered by AI and is used to, you guessed it, enrich your data! This means you have more attributes to define what products will be included in your recommendations. The more data you have on your products, the more relevant and successful your recommendations will be.

Hate ragged columns? Another cool feature that we’ve released with our recommendation builder is real-time image resizing. You no longer need to worry if last year’s imagery works alongside product shots from this season, your contacts will see perfectly flush product blocks.

Finally, it is important to know what good looks like. So for product recommendations, we have also released ROI tracking. This way you can see which recommendations are moving the needle, and which could do with an optimisation or two.

Read more about product recommendations.

Unsubscribe and preference centre settings

We've polished up the unsubscribe and preference centre settings, plus the unsubscribe and preference centre pages themselves.

The settings can be found by going to Account > Account settings and scrolling down to 'Unsubscribe and preference centre settings'. The functionality is still the same as before - you can choose whether the unsubscribe link goes to a preference centre or the one-click unsubscribe page (and these options are now available to users in any region).

However, you can now choose whether the preference centre shown is the default one, or a custom one on a URL or on one of their landing pages. You can preview the preference centre you choose, and when saving settings for a custom preference centre you'lll be asked to confirm that you have a way for contacts to appropriately unsubscribe.

Program builder enhancements

Firstly, we've done a good deal of optimisation work 'under the hood' this quarter to make program performance better than ever on the platform.

Also, as mentioned above, you can use preferences in programs:

  • In the 'Update contact' node, you can update a contact to be opted into or out of a preference or preferences
  • In the 'Decision' node, you can set up the condition that a contact must be opted into a selected preference in order for them to progress down the 'Yes' route.

Furthermore, there's a useful program template that will help you to migrate your preferences if you're already storing them in an alternative way within the platform - it's called 'Marketing preferences migrator' (under the 'Engagement' section of free program templates).

Program join action

As well as being able to set up a triggered campaign to send when a contact joins (or even unsubscribes from) an address book, you can now also set up a program to enrol them onto.

Customisable resubscribe confirmation emails

You can now set up a triggered campaign to send as your custom resubscribe confirmation email, allowing you to add your own branding and wording. This means a recipient can more easily recognise the email has come from you.

Resubscribe without sending a challenge via the API

We've added two new resubscribe API calls, providing the ability to resubscribe contacts without triggering a challenge email:



Shopify coupon code improvements

You can now add a minimum order amount and eligible collection IDs to your coupon codes to specify the conditions of their validity.

dotmailer for Magento 2 v3.0.2 release

The latest release of dotmailer for Magento 2 is now available.

dotmailer for Magento 2 Enterprise v1.0.2 release

The latest release of dotmailer for Magento 2 Enterprise is now available.

Other improvements

  • The latest translation updates for the application interface have been implemented
  • Plus we've made over 20 bug fixes and performance improvements
View the dotmailer roadmap to see what we're currently working on, and what's coming up »
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